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Syria in the firing line: Why New Zealanders should be concerned

All eyes are on Syria and the risk of war

Alexander Gillespie, a Professor at the University of Waikato, and author of the History of the Laws of Laws(Oxford) and The Causes of War (Oxford),says if it's proven the Syrian regime used chemical weapons on its own people, it would be the "biggest breach of international law in the last two decades". "Ethically, we should do the right thing. The question is, what is the right thing?"

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Google Hangout

Professor Gillespie will be hosting a Google Hangout as a follow-up to his recent public lecture on the Syria civil war.

Join us live for a Google Hangout on Friday, 13 September 2013 with expert Professor Alexander Gillespie. We'll be asking Professor Alexander Gillespie your questions live. Tell us what you want to know on Facebook or on Twitter using the hashtag #uowhangout. Once the hangout has started, you will also be able to ask questions via the comments section on the YouTube live hangout.

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Hangout details

Date: 13 September 2013

Time: 1pm – 2pm NZST (12 September 2013, 6pm – 7pm PDT)

Where: Here on this page. The video of the live hangout will be embedded on this page 10 minutes before the event.

What if I can't make it?

We will be uploading the complete hangout to our YouTube channel to watch after it ends.

About Professor Alexander Gillespie

Alexander Gillespie

Professor Alexander Gillespie obtained his LLB and LLM degrees with Honours from The University of Auckland. He did his PhD at Nottingham and post-doctoral studies at Colombia University in New York City.

Professor Gillespie is known internationally for his work on environmental law. He was the first New Zealander to be named Rapporteur for the World Heritage Convention, involving international environmental diplomacy. He has advised the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Department of Conservation on legal and policy matters, and provides commissioned work for the United Nations, the Commonwealth Secretariat, and commercial and non-governmental organisations in New Zealand, Australia, United States, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

Professor Gillespie's latest book is 'the Causes of War' (2013, Oxford). His other most recent book "The History of the Laws of War" Volumes 1-3 traces the origins of the modern laws of warfare from the earliest times to the present day. Relying on written records from as far back as 2400 BCE, and using sources ranging from the Bible to Security Council Resolutions, Professor Gillespie pieces together the history of a subject which is almost as old as civilisation itself.

Professor Gillespie has been awarded a Rotary International Scholarship, Fulbright Fellowship, Rockefeller Fellowship and a number of smaller domestic awards. In 2004 Professor Gillespie was awarded the New Zealand Law Foundation International Research Fellowship. Professor Gillespie is also the New Zealand lawyer/expert on a number of international delegations.

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