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Toru: Chamber Music by Martin Lodge

Martin Lodge

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New Zealand Herald Review, May 12, 2012
William Dart

Martin Lodge is a composer with a solid orchestral portfolio. Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra premiered his 1994 Symphony together with two shorter pieces, Hinterland (1998) and Aer (2002); the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra included his 2008 Winterset among its series of specially-commissioned "mini-concertos".

Of these, only Hinterland is available on commercial CD, so it is good to have a generous selection of Lodge's smaller-scale work on a new Atoll release, Toru.

The album's title comes from a 2003 trio for clarinet, cello and taonga puoro. The compositional processes are radical for a proven symphonist - Lodge has Peter Scholes, James Tennant and Richard Nunns weaving their music from a score that suggests rather than stipulates.

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Atoll Records (2011)

Coping with Work Stress

Michael P O'Driscoll, Philip J. Dewe, Cary L. Cooper

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The workplace is becoming all encompassing. New technology means we are never far from an email or voice message, do not have to be in a specific place to work and are contactable at all times of the day. The recession also means it is now common for one person to be doing the work of three, increasing the work load and the pressure.

So how do we cope with workplace stress? Coping with Work Stress examines the pressures that employees face in the modern working environment, what factors are involved, and how individual employee and organisations can reduce workplace stress.

“More and more people these days are feeling there is added pressure in their job, which is also putting pressure on their family life,” says Professor Michael O’Driscoll. “Expectations of people have increased as well, which is partly due to technology.”

How people cope with work stress, and whether they can manage their work stress effectively, depends on a number of factors. Coping with Work Stress covers topics as diverse as coping with work overload, uncertainty in one’s work environment, interpersonal conflicts, and conflict between work and family life. In addition to examining how individual workers cope with these issues, it also considers what can be done by organisations to manage work-related stressors.

Finally, the book focuses on how research on this topic needs to develop in order to enhance our understanding of coping with work stress, which is becoming an increasingly important issue. The book is co-authored by Professor Philip J. Dewe from Birkbeck College (University of London) and Professor Cary L. Cooper from Lancaster University.

Wiley-Blackwell (Nov, 2010)

ISBN: 0470997672

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