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Our free Japanees film showing will come back again this week! Please come along.

Admission Free. No booking required. English subtitles.

Still Walking

©2008 Still Walking Production Committee

Thursday 15 February 2018 7pm at L3 (The University of Waikato)

Director: Hirokazu Koreeda
Cast: Hiroshi Abe, Yui Natsukawa, You, Kirin Kiki
2008 | 114 Mins
Suitable for General Audiences

Life is always being just a little late

At the end of a summer, Ryota Yokoyama visits his parents with his wife and his step son. As Ryota had always been compared with his high-flying elder brother who died 15 years ago, he feels resentment towards his father and reluctant to spend a night at the family home. The house is full again. The family experience nostalgia, humour, sadness and tension as memories are shared and ceremonies performed.

Presented by Consulate-General of Japan in Auckland, The Japan Foundation and The University of Waikato.

Any inquiry? - Please contact Athena Chambers, School of Arts, 838 4932 or

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Are you thinking of studying at a uni this year but not so sure how you should start? - please come to our information sessions this month!

We had the first one yesterday but that's not all - we will have more information sessions this month in Hamilton as well as Tauranga. Please access to our website for more details:

DSC01539 Waikato O-week Mar 2014.jpg (The orientation week on our Hamilton campus a few years ago)

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I wrote about heavy snow in Japan the other day. Another news about heavy snow has come in - this time, snow has fallen in the Fukui Prefecture-areas (you can read about this here, for example). Due to this massive snow fall, trains and airplanes have been cancelled. Many cars have been stuck in motorways.

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昨日[きのう]、東京[とうきょう]近辺[きんぺん]の雪[ゆき]のニュースについて書きました。今は、北日本で大雪が予想[よそう]されて(= forecasted)います。すでに1メートルを超[こ]える(= over)雪が降[ふ]ったところもあります。

東京の近くの群馬[ぐんま][けん]でも雪が降りました。そして、昨日は火山[かざん](= volcano)も噴火[ふんか]しました(= erupted)。

I wrote about news of snow falls in the Tokyo areas yesterday. Now the northern areas in Japan are expecting heavy snow and some areas have already got more than a meter snow.

Gunma-prefecture, one of the nearby areas to Tokyo, has got snow and also got its volcano erupted yesterday.

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昨日、東京[とうきょう]や東京の近[ちか]く(= nearby)では大雪[おおゆき](= heavy snow)でした! 成田[なりた]空港[くうこう](= Narita Airport)が一時[いちじ]閉鎖[へいさ](= temporally closed)になったり、レインボーブリッジが閉鎖になったりしました(一時は、橋[はし]の上に何台もの車が止まったそうです!)

今日はそんなに大雪は降[ふ]らないそうですが、道路[どうろ](= road)が危[あぶ]ない(= dangerous)と思います。東京、東京の近くのみなさん、お気を付けください! 昨日の東京の様子[ようす](= situation)をここで見ることができます:

Tokyo and the nearby areas experienced massive amount of snow yesterday. Narita Airport had to be closed and the Rainbow Bridge had to be closed too (then many cars were forced to stay over the bridge for a while).

Apparently such massive snow fall is not expected today in Tokyo but people still have to be very careful on the roads. You can see the Tokyo's situation recorded yesterday here:

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NCEAは、 National Certificate of Education Achievement.です。NCEAには、いろいろなテストがあります。その中でメディアなどで一番よく話題[わだい](= topic)になるのが高校生が大学に入るためにうけるテストです。大学に行きたい高校生は、このテストを受けて大学に入るための勉強ができていることを証明[しょうめい]しなければいけません(= must prove)[<-- これは正確[せいかく](= accurate)な説明[せつめい](= explanation)ではありません。詳[くわ]しいことが知りたい人は:here]。最近、高校生のNCEAのテストの結果[けっか](= results)がわかりました。

日本でも似たようなテストがあります。センター試験[しけん]と言います。日本の大学で勉強したい高校生はこのテストを受けて、いい点数[てんすう](= marks)をとらなければいけません(行きたい大学によって、求[もと]められる(= required)点数は違います)。50万人以上の人が先週、センター試験を受けたそうです。その試験で、多くの人は英語のテストを受けました。どんなテストか知りたくないですか? ここで英語のテストの問題を見ることができます: 面白いですよ。

NCEA stands for National Certificate of Education Achievement. The most frequently discussed exam related to NCEA is the exam to enter a university. Students who want to study at a university here, in New Zealand, have to take it and prove they are ready to come to a uni to study the subjects they want to study (this description is not completely utterly accurate, but not faraway from what it is...; you can find the details of NCEA here).  High school students have found the results of NCEA exam lately, the media reported here.

There is a similar type of exam in Japan - that is called 'Centre Test'. Students who want to study at a university in Japan have to take the Center Test and achieve the required marks (the required marks varies; it depends which uni you want to enter). More than a half million students took it last week. Anyway, one of the subjects almost all students have to choose is English. Would you like to know what sorts of questions they tackled this year? - you can see the question sheet here: Some of the instructions are given in Japanese, but not all of them; so please have a look even if you do not understand Japanese. It is quite interesting to see what sorts of knowledge they are tested!

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New Zealand Herald put an article on its front page this Monday about language learning, which was titled: 'Should all kids learn a second language?'. The article makes us realise the  not-ideal-situation of this country:

Only 19 percent of New Zealanders in the 2013 Census could speak more than one language, including only 4 per cent who spoke our second official language, Māori.

Anyway, it is great to see such discussion is going on this country. If you are interested in this topic, you can access the New Zealand Herald articles via the Internet:

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日本のスーパーにありますよ。 You can find this in supermarkets in Japan!


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これは何でしょうか。Do you know where you can find this?


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日本にはいろいろな柑橘類[かんきつるい](= citrus fruit)があります。下の写真は、金柑[きんかん]です。見てわかるように、とても小さい実[み](= fruit)です。面[おも][しろ]いことは、金柑は実[み]を皮[かわ]ごと(= including skin)全部[ぜんぶ](= all; whole)食べることです。甘[あま]くておいしいですよ。

There are quite a few types of citrus fruit in Japan. The following is called 'kinkan'. As you can see, it is quite small. A unique thing about 'kinkan' is that we eat the whole fruit including its skin. It is nice and sweet!


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