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サーロー節子さんのスピーチ、見ましたか。Did you listen to Setsuko Thurlow's speech?

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82歳[さい]の日本人女性、若宮[わかみや]正子[まさこ]さんを知っていますか。 Do you know a 82 yr Japanese lady named Masako Wakamiya?

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日本の電車は時間にとても正確[せいかく](= punctual)です。それを表[あらわ]すニュースを今朝[けさ]のラジオのニュースで聞きました。

Japanese trains are punctual. I heard news indicating their punctuality on the radio news here, in New Zealand, this morning,

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でも! 夏は近[ちか]づいている(= coming close to)と思います。自然[しぜん](= nature)がそう教えてくれています。以下[いか]の(= following)写真[しゃしん]は今朝[けさ][と]りました―フィジョアの花です。

It is the mid November but we have not really felt summer is coming to New Zealand yet. I was so surprised to hear the news about snow falling in the South Island last week.

However, I think summer is coming; the nature tells us so. I took the following photo this morning - feijoa flower!


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ニュージーランドの羊毛[ようもう](= wool)の品質[ひんしつ](= quality)の高[たか]さは有名[ゆうめい]です。その羊毛を使ったスーツを日本の会社が作っています。先日[せんじつ](= the other day)、ニュージーランド・ヘラルド紙[し]ですてきなニュースを読みました (。

As you know, the quality of New Zealand fine-wool is well known. A Japanese suit company uses the wool and makes good suits.I read a good story about NZ wool and Japanese suits on the New Zealand Herald (

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まだ11月ですけど、街[まち]のあちこちでクリスマスの飾[かざ]りつけ(= decoration)が見られます。こんなクリスマスツリー、どうですか⁉

It is still November but we can see all sorts of Christmasee things every where in town. What do you think the following Christmas tree!?


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先週、東京で2019年ラグビーワールドカップの組[く]み合[あ]わせ決定[けってい]がありました。公式[こうしき]フェイスブックはこちら: ここで組み合わせや、すてきなプロモーションビデオなどが見られます。


The schedule of the 2019 Rugby World Cup was announced in Tokyo last week. Its office Facebook shows the schedule as well as cool promotion video:

Let's go to Japan!

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昨日の夜、やっと決まりました、はい、そうです、労働党[ろうどうとう](= Labour Party)が政権[せいけん] (= government)をとることになりました。ジャシンダ・アーダーンさんは、労働党[ろうどうとう]の党首[とうしゅ](= party leader)に数か月前になったばかり、そして、今度はニュージーランドの首相[しゅしょう](= prime minister)になります。37歳の若き首相です!

We finally found that which party would form a government - the New Zealand Labour party! Jacinda Ardern, the party leader, landed the party's leadership position just a few months ago and now she will be the prime minister of New Zealand! A full-of-energy 37 yr old PM will be born!

Note: Labour Party used a slogan 'Let's do this' during its election campaign.

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FREE Japanese film showing in October 2017

Date: Thursday 12 October 2017
Time: 7:00 PM - 8:50 PM
Location: L3

Studio Ghibli Animation Film!

Free Admission! No booking required! English Subtitles!

‘When Marnie was there'

Director: Hiromasa Yonebayashi Voice: Sara Takatsuki, Kasumi Arimura, Nanako Matsushima
2014 | 103min. | PG

Promise we'll remain a secret, forever.

Twelve-year-old Anna believes she sits outside the invisible magic circle to which most people belong, and shuts herself off from everyone around her. Concerned for her health, Anna's foster mother decides to send her to rural Hokkaido to stay in a sleepy town by the sea. As she dreams her days away amongst the marshes, Anna finds herself strangely... Based on the beloved novel by Joan G. Robinson, WHEN MARNIE WAS THERE is the latest film from Studio Ghibli, and the second feature film by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, the director of ARRIETTY.

Presented by Consulate-General of Japan in Auckland, The Japan Foundation
Supported by The University of Waikato

Any inquiries? - Please contact Athena Chambers at School of Arts, FASS (838 4932).

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I wrote about 'the Buried Giant' some time ago. This novel was written by British writer Kazuo Ishiguro and he has won the 2017 Nobel Prize for Literature!

Mr Ishiguro was born in Nagasaki, Japan and moved to U.K. when he was five years old. Mr Ishiguro grew up in Japanese language environment (his Japanese parents kept Japanese communication at home) and he understands Japanese now (but he is not so good when it comes to speaking, apprently).

If you want to know more details of this news, you can find here (the BBC site), for example.

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