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July 2017 Archives


I read a very interesting article on the New Zealand Herald last week reporting amazing work by special teachers supporting kids' reading practice.

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先日、日本で買えるニュージーランドの貝[かい](= shellfish)について書きました。なんと、別[べつ]の(= different)貝も日本で売っているんですよ。これが証拠[しょうこ](= proof)です!

I wrote about New Zealand mussels which you could buy in Japan the other day. I just found out that you could buy not only mussels but also New Zealand clams! Here is the proof!

IMG_4541 NZのあさり.jpg

日本はニュージーランドにとって、大切な貿易[ぼうえき](= trading)の相手[あいて]ですね。 Japan is indeed an important trading partner to New Zealand!


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大阪大学[おおさかだいがく]文学部[ぶんがくぶ](= School of Letters)の学部長[がくぶちょう](= Dean)、金水[きんすい][さとし]先生のなさったスピーチについて読みました。このスピーチ、今年の3月、金水先生が大阪大学の学生になさいました。今、とても話題[わだい]になっているそうです。スピーチの内容[ないよう](= contents)は、文学部で勉強したことが何[なん]の役[やく]に立[た]つ(= useful)のか、です。

I read an article about a speech delivered by Professor Satoshi Kinsui, Dean of School of Letters, Osaka University, Japan. Apparently, his speech, which was given to his students in March this year, has been talked about a lot at all sorts of places because of its contents: he emphasised the importance of the subjects offered in School of Letters.

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ニュージーランドの南島[みなみじま](= the south island)の南の方[ほう]では、大雨が降[ふ]りました。そして大きな被害[ひがい](= damage)が出ています。日本もそうなんです。今は、本州[ほんしゅう]の北[きた]の方にある、秋田[あきた]で、大雨が降りました。電車[でんしゃ]が止[と]まり、道[みち]は通行[つうこう][ど]め(= closed)、そして人々は避難[ひなん]して(= to evacuate)います。日本の新聞[しんぶん]を読[よ]みましたが、秋田に50年住んでいる人がこんな大雨は初[はじ]めてだ、と言っていたそうです。ここ最近[さいきん]、世界中[せかいじゅう]で(= all over the world)、異常[いじょう]な(= extraordinary)お天気が見られます。

被害[ひがい]にあった場所[ばしょ]のお天気[てんき]がよくなって、人々[ひとびと]が早[はや]くふつうの生活[せいかつ]に戻[もど]れる(= to be able to return)ことを祈[いの]るばかりです。

We had so much rain here, in New Zealand recently, particularly the southern part of the South Island. This sort of heavy rain is happening in Japan too. Akita, the northern area of Honshu, the main island of Japan, has experienced huge amount of rain lately. Trains have stopped, some roads are closed and people had to evacuate... I read a Japanese newspaper article reporting that people who have lived in the area for the past 50 years saying they had never experienced this amount of rain before. Nowadays, we see this type of extreme weather all over the world.

We all hope the weather of those affected areas will soon get better and people could go back to their normal life.

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今日のこのポストは、前に書いたポストのおまけ(?)です。前に「ニュージーランドの中の日本」について書きました。This is a kind of spin-off (?) from my previous posts such as Japan in New Zealand etc...

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We will show another film this Thursday. Please come along!

FREE Japanese film showing in July 2017

Date: Thursday 20 July 2017
Time: 7:00 PM - 8:50 PM
Location: L3

Free Admission! No booking required! English Subtitles!

'Osaka Hamlet'

Director: Fujiro Mitsuishi Cast: Keiko Matsuzaka, Ittoku Kishibe
2009 | 107min. | PG

Award-winning stories about Osaka dwellers.

After the father's sudden death, the cheerful, hard-working Fusako is holding together the Kubo family of three growing sons. Then a mysterious man appears, claiming to be the dead father's younger brother, and the easygoing Fusako lets him move in. The sons are puzzled by this unusual turn of events, but are then distracted by problems of their own. Based on an award-winning manga series, the film paints a heart-warming portrait of ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances in a working-class district of Osaka.

Presented by Consulate-General of Japan in Auckland, The Japan Foundation
Supported by The University of Waikato

Any inquiries? - Please contact Athena Chambers at School of Arts, FASS (838 4932).

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これ、何かわかりますか。Do you know what they are?

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今日は、日本では七夕[たなばた]です。七夕については前にも書きました。この日、日本では、短冊[たんざく](= a rectangular shaped piece of paper)に願[ねが]い(= wish)を書いて、笹[ささ](= bamboo)にかざります(= to decorate)。地域[ちいき](= region)によっては大きなお祭[まつ]りがあります。

日本の南部[なんぶ](= southern part)のひどいお天気[てんき]がよくなって、人々[ひとびと]の生活[せいかつ](= life)が早[はや]くふつうに戻[もど]ります(= to return)ように。

It is the day called tanabata in Japan today. I wrote about tanabata before. Japanese people write some wish on a rectangular shaped piece of paper and hang it up on a bamboo tree. Huge festivity can be found in some areas in Japan around the day.

I wish that bad weather in the southern part of Japan will stop and people there could get back to their normal life soon.