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  • Background
  • Membership
  • Rules of Procedure - (refer Directory of Committees and Rules of Procedure "Environmental & Sustainability Committee" - available through I-Waikato)
  • Meeting Notes


The first incarnation of an official working group for environmental issues on campus began in August 1995 as the Environmental Policy Working Party. The first task of this group was the development of an Environmental Sustainability Policy, which was completed in 1997.  The Policy was revised and subject to consultation in 2006, with approval being granted by the Vice-Chancellor in September of that year.  In 2009 some minor changes were made to the policy to reflect changes in legislation. Later, this group became the Environmental Management Working Party (EMWP), whose goal it was to implement the Policy. In 2003, the EMWP gained the more formal status of the Environmental Policy Committee.  In 2013 the name changed to Environmental & Sustainability Committee to reflect the work of the group.


Committee Member Title Department/Division Email
Priya Kurian
Professor Political Science & Public Policy, FASS pkurian
Eva Collins
Associate Professor WMS Strategy & HRM evacolln
Chris Eames Senior Lecturer Biological Sciences & CSTER biol2120
  Student Representative Waikato Students' Union
Dave Campbell Doctor Biological Sciences, FSEN davec
Hine-iti-moana Greensill Lecturer School of Maori & Pacific Development hineiti
John Cameron Director, Facilities Management Division Facilities Management rgty1102
Mark Thompson Grounds Manager Facilities Management mwt
Rachael Goddard Environmental & Sustainability Manager Facilities Management rgoddard


Meeting Notes

PDF icon14 June 2013
PDF icon19 April 2013
PDF icon12 February 2013
PDF icon8 February 2013
PDF icon3 December 2012
PDF icon3 September 2012
PDF icon14 June 2012
PDF icon23 February 2012
PDF icon2 December 2011
PDF icon 30 September 2011
PDF icon 12 August 2011
PDF icon 25 May 2011
PDF icon 4 November 2010
PDF icon 8 October 2010
PDF icon 11 August 2009
PDF icon 9 June 2009
PDF icon 30 January 2009
PDF icon 18 December 2008
PDF icon 24 July 2008
PDF icon 29 April 2008
PDF icon 21 December 2007
PDF icon 26 October 2007
PDF icon 11 May 2007
PDF icon 30 March 2007
PDF icon 30 June 2006
PDF icon 5 May 2006
PDF icon 29 July 2005
PDF icon 2 July 2004
PDF icon 13 May 2004
PDF icon 25 February 2004
PDF icon 18 August 2003
PDF icon 30 May 2003
PDF icon 18 February 2003
PDF icon 6 December 2002
PDF icon 4 September 2002
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