University of Waikato - Staff Giving

The University of Waikato Foundation is tasked with raising funds for a variety of important initiatives including capital projects, research, scholarships and the endowment fund. Here are a few of our favourite soundbites:

  • We’re working to save New Zealand’s lakes and strategically manage its coastal resources
  • We’re playing a leading role in addressing New Zealand’s literacy and numeracy challenges
  • We’ve helped lower the death toll on New Zealand’s roads through intersection improvements
  • We’re using economic modelling to support sustainable businesses
  • Open source software developed here is being used to preserve cultures and assist humanitarian aid efforts

None of this would be possible without the dedication of each and every staff member; it is the commitment of individuals that propels the University to bigger and better things.

The OECD Secretary-General recently said, “Education is an essential investment for responding to the changes in technology and demographics that are re-shaping labour markets.” The importance of providing a high quality education is something we at the University of Waikato understand very well.

As employees, we have a vested interest in the University’s continued development as a top tertiary institution in Australasia. Many staff have spent years teaching, conducting research or running the support services that keep the University operating smoothly. Others are new but feel a strong sense of commitment to our collective success.

Staff now have the option of making gifts via Payroll Giving. Payroll Giving is your opportunity to support the area of your choice on a regular basis, or as a one off gift, and receive an immediate 33.33% tax rebate. 

To donate through Payroll Giving, simply log on to iWaikato and select Āku Mahi to start a new deduction from your fortnightly pay.

As staff of the University of Waikato, we are making a considerable long term impact on the education landscape of the Waikato and New Zealand. Staff are warmly invited to join us in further supporting the University with a personal gift.O Week

Payroll Giving Q&A

Why are you asking staff to support the University?
A number of staff members have indicated that they would consider supporting the University to realise its potential. Many staff have spent years teaching and conducting research or driving the support services that keep the University running smoothly. Others are new but may still wish to make a personal gift. While the University receives most of its revenue from student fees, government grants, and research contracts, contributions from fundraising are recognised as another vital source of revenue.

How much can I give?
As much or as little as you would like, everything counts. For example, $10 a fortnight will add up to $260 per year but it will only cost you $170 because of the immediate tax credit; $100 per fortnight and you’ve donated $2,600 but at a cost of only $1,734. These fortnightly gifts really do add up and make a big difference. You can also choose to give a one-off contribution.

What’s the benefit of donating through Payroll Giving?
All charitable donations in New Zealand qualify for a one-third tax rebate. By utilising Payroll Giving you will get this immediately in your fortnightly pay instead of having to apply for it via an annual tax return.

Can I nominate a charity to give to outside of the University?
No, Payroll Giving through the University has one beneficiary at this time: the University of Waikato Foundation. Having multiple charities available is outside the current capabilities of our payroll systems. We encourage you to nominate a specific area within the University for your gift such as Scholarships or Research in a particular faculty, the Student Centre, the Academy, or new artwork to name just a few. Staff who support other charities still benefit from the 33.33% tax rebate, but you must apply for it via your annual tax return.

How will I know what my gift is being used for?
Staff who decide to donate can also decide how their gift will be used. The University of Waikato Foundation is a registered charity and oversight is provided by a Board of Trustees. No administrative or overhead costs are deducted from your gift - 100% goes to the area of your choice. The Foundation will also report back on the success of the staff appeal.

Is it optional and can I remain anonymous?
Staff giving is definitely optional. Contributions from staff will be recorded by the Foundation, but you can remain anonymous if you let us know that is your preference. However, we would love to share your reasons for giving with other staff if you are happy for us to do so.

How do I sign up?
You can manage your Payroll Giving through Āku Mahi. Simply login to iWaikato, select Āku Mahi, then View Deductions. This is also where you would go to stop the donations at any time. See full instructions.

What if I have more questions?
Please contact the Development Office for further information and to discuss special giving opportunities such as a scholarship or prize in your name or the name of a loved one or colleague:, ext 4446.