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Centre for Global Studies in Education Te Waiwhakaata ki te Ao Mātauranga
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Centre for Global Studies in Education

Te Waiwhakaata ki te Ao Mātauranga

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Welcome to the Centre for Global Studies in Education (CGSE), the first Centre of its type in New Zealand, established in 2012. It has a broad mandate which covers research, scholarship, publications, conferences and seminars and supports postgraduate teaching in global studies.

CGSE is a multi-disciplinary Centre which provides national and international leadership in  two different but interconnected areas:

  • In Global Studies we link staff from three University of Waikato Faculties (Education, Law, Arts & Social Sciences) and from Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi.
  • In Philosophy of Education we link with staff from the Faculties of Education, and Arts & Social Sciences and with the Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia (PESA)

Global Studies in Education (GSE) explores and researches the educational dimensions of global processes, interconnectivity, and intercultural education. It builds upon the traditions of comparative and international education programmes to explore:

  • education policy and governance
  • global citizenship and education
  • global youth cultures and identities
  • new media and popular cultures
  • the politics of social identities
  • gender, class and racial inequalities
  • the political economy of knowledge production
  • philosophy of Education
  • sustainability and development
  • the new global ecologies of learning
  • open education
  • the ‘glocal’ teacher
  • children & poverty
  • interculturalism & dialogue

CGSE staff have an impressive research and publications record.  We have an international book series (Global Studies in Education, Peter Lang Publishers, New York) and are editors of a number of international journals.

CGSE’s experts are experienced and available to conduct national and international research, consultation and evaluation programs for public and private organisations, government departments, non-government organisations (NGOs) and multinational corporations. We are available to within New Zealand and internationally. Please email us with any queries:

Te Waiwhakaata ki te Ao Mātauranga

The Centre’s name in Māori

The Māori name for the Centre was developed following consultation within the University.  Rather than a transliteration, the name is a metaphorical or poetic encapsulation of the idea or values behind the Centre. Waiwhakaata denotes an area of water through which the currents pass but the surface of which reflects its surroundings. Through the reflection, the perceptive viewer can also see into the depths below, and the mirrored surface therefore encompasses the land, sea and sky around it. Te ao hurihuri, the turning world, has its counterpart in te ao mātauranga, the world where knowledge, understanding and wisdom coalesce in education. You cannot attain mātauranga without study and effort, so both study and education are fused in this word. The Centre is therefore both a mirror of - and a place to see into - the world of education in a global context, and through which ideas flow and are reflected which will influence that world and those who encounter te waiwhakaata.  The metaphorical counterpart adds a fresh and informative dimension by regarding both as parts of a whole rather than as discrete labels.


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