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Upcoming seminars


Friday, 20 October 2017 from 9.00am-3.00pm in TT1.05, Faculty of Education.


Learner-centred teaching in higher education in the USA:  Trends and issues

PROFESSOR ELIZABETH TISDELL, Penn State Harrisburg, Pennsylvania State University

THURSDAY, 6 April 2017 from 4.00pm-5.30pm in Meeting Rooms A&B (TC2.27)

There has been much discussion within the US higher education literature on learner-centred teaching. Much of the discussion focuses on how to engage students, while delivering solid curricular content, tending to pedagogical methods of engagement that can be used in both face-to-face and online settings, the role of assessment and feedback, and the balance of power between instructors and learners. This session will both discuss these four issues in multiple types of higher education classes, and will attempt to model one way of dealing with these issues by attempting to engage participants in a “learner-centred” approach in the session itself.

Previous 2016 seminars

Addicted to speed:   The transformation of academic ideals into professional values

PROFESSOR SHARON RIDER, Professor of Logic and Metaphysics at Uppsala University.


Rankings, publicity and the mediatization of university

DR MATS HYVONEN, Coordinating of the Engaging Vulnerability research programme, Uppsala University.

DATE:   Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Children in the Anthropocene:  Theorising porosity, mobilities and interspecies relations to redefine the place of children in a precarious world.

PROFESSOR KAREN MALONE, Professor of Sustainability, Western Sydney University

DATE:        Thursday, 29 September 2016

Children are growing up in the era of the Anthropocene. This is a new geological epoch in which humans are recognised as having a global geophysical force. The implications of this epoch and the impending planetary crisis brought on by such things as climate change, have compelled me to consider new ways of theorizing and engaging in my research on children in cities.  By applying posthumanist and new materialists approaches I am challenging well established humanist discourses that separate and elevate humans from the natural world, and support the view humans occupy a separate and privileged place among other beings. By disrupting key assumptions that focus narrowly on the ‘humanness’ of sustainable development  and child friendly city discourses I am opening new forms of political enquiry which attend to noticing the interconnectedness of the human and the more-than-human-world. Focusing on the concepts of porosity; mobilities and interspecies relations this presentation explores the lives of children in precarious slum communities in Bolivia and Kazakhstan in order to recognise the deep connections and affinities of an ecological posthumanist worldview with the notion of redefining the ‘place’ and possibilities of humanity in the future world.

Muslims in education:  Representation since September 11 and beyond

DR LIZ JACKSON, Associate Professor of Education, University of Hong Kong

Date:     Tuesday, 19 July

Learning global citizenship through world literature

DR ERIC HARALSON, Associate Professor of English, Stony Brook University, New York.

Date:      Friday, 6 May

The best practice in the inclusive and whole school teaching of thinking

DR DOROTHY HOWIE, Research Fellow, University of Auckland School of Psychology.

Date:     Monday, 4 April

The active force of currere and the transition to a green economy

PROFESSOR LESLEY LE GRANGE, Distinguished Professor in the Faculty of Education, Stellenbosch University.

Date: 18 February, 2016

ECEC Policy - Post-socialist, European and Global Perspectives

Date: 5 February, 2016


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