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Employee Assistance Programme: Finding Solutions

Comprehensive information on the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is available from the University's EAP provider Stratos. Click here to access the Stratos Website

A brief summary of the programme follows:

What is the Employee Assistance Programme?

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a confidential counselling service which the University makes available to eligible staff.

The purpose of the Programme is to provide short term, brief intervention counselling. If longer term therapy is needed, any costs in addition to sessions agreed under the programme are the responsibility of the staff member unless otherwise agreed.

Counselling support can be used when personal problems may be disrupting work and/or home life.


Who can use the Programme?

The programme is available to all employees who are eligible for a University staff ID card - in any location, throughout all levels of the organisation (and including any immediate family members who have personal problems which affect or are likely to affect an employee's work).


How confidential is the Programme?

No information or names will be disclosed to the University unless with the written consent of the staff member.


Do I have to use the Programme if I don't want to?

No, the Programme is entirely voluntary.


What will it cost?

The counselling is free for up to three sessions with one of the contracted Counsellors.  A session lasts about 1 hour.


What will happen at an EAP Counselling session?

You will discuss your issues with the Counsellor and together look at ways of resolving them.

If the Counsellor believes someone else would be more able to assist with the difficulties/problems, she/he will recommend a suitable person. Where the referral is made to someone other than one of the contracted counsellors the costs may be your responsibility; this would be discussed with you.


How will the Programme operate?

Referrals may be:

  • Informal

    Initiated by a staff member when they recognise a problem themselves, or following a suggestion from a colleague, family member, or friend.

  • Workplace Referral

    Recommended by a manager/Chairperson of Department when impaired work performance continues after normal supervisory practices have been followed. (Workplace referrals can be declined; the Programme is voluntary.)

All workplace referrals must be co-ordinated through Human Resources (contact Mike Davies).


Will my Manager or Chairperson of Department know I am using the EAP?

Only if you tell them or need time off during working hours. No information about the nature of the problem/issue needs to be disclosed. In the case of workplace referrals, the relevant staff in Human Resources and the manager/Chairperson of Department will be aware.


How are the Counsellors chosen and who are they responsible to?

The University of Waikato has contracted Stratos Limited to provide qualified competent counsellors for its EAP. When an employee receives counselling they will be offered the opportunity to evaluate the service they received. The evaluation process, which does not require staff to provide any details about themselves, is important to ensure that a high quality service is provided.


How do I use the EAP Counselling?

There are three options available:

  • Direct access to one of the Counsellors

    A telephone call can be made direct to one of the counsellors to arrange a suitable appointment time. The contact details for the counsellors can be found by clicking here.

    If you access an answering service please state that you work for the University of Waikato, leave your phone number and the best time to be contacted.

    In non urgent cases counselling will be offered within 5 days.

  • Access through the EAP Co-ordinator, Mike Davies.

  • Access via Stratos

    Stratos Ltd has been contracted to provide the University of Waikato's EAP Stratos contracts with competent professional counsellors nationwide.

    You can call Stratos on the free phone number 0800 787 2867

    If your need is urgent please call Stratos who will help find a counsellor who can see you within 24 hours.


The Employee Assistance Programme can help with the following personal issues:

  • relationship difficulties
  • family troubles
  • physical, mental and emotional difficulties
  • money worries
  • legal issues
  • abuse and addiction issues
  • alcohol and drug problems
  • stress
  • grief/loss



A full list of EAP counsellors is available from the University's EAP provider Stratos by clicking here.


For further information please contact:

EAP Co-ordinator
Mike Davies (07) 838 4003
EAP Consultant, Stratos Ltd
Warwick Harvey 0800 787 2867
Stratos Ltd