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After your Interview

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The successful applicant is usually offered the position within a few days of the interview, initially by telephone and then by letter confirming the offer. Applicants who have been interviewed but who are unsuccessful are usually not informed until the appointment has been confirmed.

The expected starting salary is often indicated in the advertisement. A precise starting salary is not negotiated until an appointment offer is made.

Only the Human Resource Management Division has authority to commit the University on appointment matters and all such commitments are confirmed in writing. The University reserves the right to make appointments by invitation. Offers are made subject to the successful applicant having the right to work in New Zealand or gaining it within a reasonable time.


Immigration Approval

In line with New Zealand immigration regulations, it is the responsibility of the appointee (if s/he does not have New Zealand or Australian citizenship or New Zealand permanent residence) to obtain the appropriate New Zealand Immigration Service approval to work in this country. In the case of continuing appointments or appointments for more than three years, permanent residency will be required. For fixed term appointments of three years or less a work permit or work visa leading to a work permit will be required.

Further information on New Zealand immigration policy is available online at:


Travel and Removal Expenses for Appointees

Travel and removal assistance will be offered to an appointee and for agreed members of an immediate family when:

  • the position is a continuing University funded position; and
  • the new appointee is normally resident outside the area in which the relevant campus is located; and
  • the position was advertised in the press media beyond the immediate area of the relevant campus but in the region in which the applicant normally lives.

In other circumstances the level of assistance, if any, is discretionary.

The University recognises the family relationship of:

  • spouses who are legally married;
  • other couples in a long term family partnership for which independent evidence is available, if required, such as previous tax or social security status;
  • children of either spouse or either partner who are 18 or under at the time of travel to the University or wholly dependent on the appointee.

The University will normally arrange payment to a preferred travel agent for the direct economy class airfare for an eligible appointee and agreed members of an immediate family and for surface travel at each end of the journey wherever possible. If the mileage allowance (74 cents per km) for car travel exceeds an airfare then the airfare equivalent will be paid instead.


Freight of Goods

The University currently has a service level agreement with Crown Worldwide Movers who will initiate contact with the appointee and broker two or three quotes for the cost of removal. Acceptance of a quotation is at the discretion of the University.

Freight of goods expenses for eligible appointees are discussed on a case by case basis and agreed in writing as part of the terms of appointment. The University will not take responsibility for relocation costs incurred by employees in excess of the amounts agreed in writing. The University does not pay insurance, storage, customs import duty or other charges unless by special agreement in writing.


Settling in Expenses Including Immigration

The appointee is eligible for a contribution towards the costs of interim accommodation. This contribution comprises half any motel accommodation costs (excluding meals) to a maximum of three weeks or such broadly equivalent assistance as the line manager may approve.  The University will make a limited contribution to immigration and related medical expenses for appointees who need to obtain the right to permanent residence in New Zealand.  Appointees will be reimbursed to a maximum of NZ$1,500. It is recognised that this does not cover the full costs in many cases.


Refund of Relocation Costs

An appointee who resigns within two years of starting work at the University will be required to refund the full amount of travel, removal and settling-in expenses. An appointee who resigns during the third year will be required to refund one third of the expenses.