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The University of Waikato


Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQs and answers are designed to assist you to complete the application form and use the University of Waikato recruitment web pages.

1. How do I view a particular category of job?

There are links on the left hand side of the vacancy page which list the categories of positions available; Academic staff vacancies, General staff vacancies and School Support Services staff vacancies. Note that academic vacancies include teaching and research related positions, school support vacancies are generally primary and secondary school teacher support related roles, while general vacancies cover administrative, academic support, technical and other professional roles.

Explanatory screenshot


2. How do I view the position details for a vacancy?
The position description and advertisement for a current vacancy can be viewed by clicking on the Vacancy Position Title of the vacancy that you wish to view.

Explanatory screenshot

Once you have selected the vacancy you are interested in you will be able to click on the the position description or advertisement to view details.

Explanatory screenshot

3. I am unable to open the position description or advertisement.  What should I do now?

If the position description or advertisement does not open when you click on the relevant link there are several things to check:

Documents relating to the position details are in Portable Document Format (PDF) and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available from the Adobe Reader site.

If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer and the position description or advertisement does not open when you click on the relevant  button, try opening the Adobe Acrobat Reader session first and then click on the position description button.

If you had an existing session of Adobe open, you may need to click on the session link in the bottom tool bar to open up the document.

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If you are still unable to view the position description contact Human Resource Management Division via email at 


4. What can I do if I am experiencing problems viewing the list of Current Vacancies?

Parts of this web site may not appear as they were intended because you are using an old browser released prior to 2001. You should consider upgrading your web browser for a better web site experience.
Get Firefox
Get Internet Explorer 8
Get Safari 4
Get Google Chrome

In the meantime you may click here for a list of current vacancies.


5. I have completed the online application form, however my application will not submit.  Why is this?

There are several fields within the online application form that are mandatory.  These fields are:

  • Surname
  • First Name
  • Title
  • Address
  • Town/City
  • Country/Post Code
  • Email Address
  • Citizenship

And all other questions marked with (Required) and the Declaration check box.

If any of these fields are missing from your online application form a warning message like the one below, will appear when you click on the 'Submit Application' button.

Explanatory screenshot

Click OK and the cursor will return to the field requiring completion.  Complete the mandatory field and then click the 'Submit Application' button.

An error message will appear for the following reasons:

  1. if the email address that you have entered does not include a '@' or a '.'. 
  2. if your have selected that you are not an Australian or New Zealand citizen but have not entered your residency status


6. How do I know my application has been submitted?

Once the application has been submitted a successful submission message will appear on the confirmation page.  

Explanatory screenshot

This confirmation page can be printed for your own records. An acknowledgement email will also be sent to the email address that was entered in the online application. 


7. How do I attach my Resume/Curriculum Vitae, cover letter and any other relevant documentation?

In the Attachments section at the bottom of the online application form:

  1. Select the document type; Cover Letter, Curriculum Vitae or Supporting Documentation from the drop down menu
  2. Click on the browse button
  3. Use the choose file box to locate your attachment
  4. Highlight the document you wish to attach and select 'Open'
  5. Repeat for all types of documentation you wish to attach to your application
Explanatory screenshot

The file will now display in the File Name field.


8. What types of files can I attach to my application?

All documents are to be attached as pdf, doc, docx, rtf and txt files only. Note if you upload a .docx you may notice that this is altered to a .doc. This is a programmed change enabling us to manage .docx files. The attachment retains all .docx functionality.


9. Is there a limit to the file size I can attach to my application?

Yes, the file must be no more than 2MB. 


10. Why am I receiving a "Page Can Not Be Displayed Message" when I try to submit my application?

If you are attempting to upload a file size greater than 2MB a Page Cannot Be Displayed error message will be displayed. 

Please resubmit with an attached file size of under 2MB.  


11. I am still having problems what can I do?

Please email the Human Resource Management Division via email at

12. Text characters to avoid in your application

Special reserved characters such as the ampersand (&), hash (#). macon (ā), and umlaut (ü) symbols should not be used in the application form fields or the filenames of any documents you are uploading (as they which will result in the application not being sent). Please check any error message you may receive to see if any special characters have been flagged.