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The University of Waikato


How to Apply

The following guidelines will help you to apply for a position at the University of Waikato, and, if selected for an interview, to plan for the interview process. Remember to carefully proofread the information you are providing before submitting your application.

Winter Campus

Position Description and Person Specification

The Position Description describes the main purpose, key responsibilities and expected outcomes of the position. The Person Specification sets out the essential and desired qualifications, knowledge, skills, experience, abilities and personal qualities that are required.

Appointment committees use the criteria set out in person specifications for shortlisting and selection purposes.

You need to make a personal assessment of the essential/desired criteria against your own qualifications, skills and abilities to assess whether you should apply for any particular position.


Application Form

This must be completed in full and online.

List two or three referees whose consent has been obtained and who may be contacted for a confidential reference. Where possible they should be able to give work-related information and should have supervised or been senior to you in your current or most recent employment.


Covering Letter

Your application form should be accompanied by a covering letter. This applies equally to internal applicants. The covering letter is an introduction to your application and should include:

• a reference to the position for which you are applying;

• information on the extent to which you match the requirements of the position as explained in the Person Specification including the essential and desired qualifications, knowledge, skills, experience, abilities and personal qualities;

• any other matters relevant to the position;

• your reasons for applying;

• any special contact details and/or limitations on your availability for interview.


Curriculum Vitae

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) should contain relevant information about educational qualifications, employment experience, particular accomplishments and so on. Those applying for academic positions should also include, as appropriate to the position, details of research outcomes and publications, teaching experience including post-graduate supervision and evidence of teaching effectiveness/quality including scholarship of teaching (where possible, enclose teaching evaluation summaries, examples from teaching portfolios and reference to participation in ongoing teaching development ), leadership / management / administrative experience, preferred teaching directions, research interests and activities and success in attracting research funding.


Closing Date

Check the closing date for the position and ensure that you submit your application online by the closing date.


Acknowledgement of Application

All applications are acknowledged immediately. Candidates who are not shortlisted will be advised as soon as possible.



Shortlisting is completed as soon as possible after applications close. If you are selected for an interview you will be contacted and a interview time will be arranged – depending on the position you will usually receive a few days notice if you are a New Zealand based applicant, or longer if you are applying from overseas.

For some academic and senior appointments the CVs of shortlisted candidates become available for perusal by staff who have an interest in the appointment. Application forms and referees’ reports remain confidential to the Appointment Committee. Applicants invited for interview may be asked to give a seminar presentation, provide a teaching demonstration, undertake a skills test or engage in other selection activities.

Candidates who are not shortlisted will be advised as soon as possible.


Equal Opportunity

Equal employment opportunity is University policy. The University is committed to taking positive steps to achieve demonstrable progress towards equal opportunity for all and welcomes applicants from all sections of the community who have the necessary attributes to do the job. The Human Rights Act 1993 prohibits employment discrimination on the grounds of: sex; marital status; religious belief; ethical belief; colour; race; ethnic or national origins; disability; age; political opinion; employment status; family status; sexual orientation.

The University reserves the right to take immigration criteria into account when considering applicants.