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Induction and Professional Development

We offer a very broad range of staff development options through an annual Professional Development Programme provided by the Professional and Organisational Development Unit (PODU), Teaching Development Unit (TDU) and Waikato Centre for E-Learning (WCEL) in the Centre for Tertiary Teaching and Learning, Financial Service Division, Information & Technology Services Division and the Library. This includes events and other activities.

New staff (excluding casual, very short term and very part time staff) are invited to the New Staff Induction Programme during their first few weeks as a new employee. New staff are expected to attend this programme which introduces some key University policies and practices. New teaching staff are also invited to participate in TDU seminars and workshops which are held before Semesters A and B. Staff who are involved with online teaching are encouraged to participate in WCEL Moodle training.

The ongoing development needs of staff are catered for in a variety of ways including goal setting interviews with their line manager, access to a programme of staff development events (covering basic and advanced computing skills, personal and professional development activities, leadership and management development, and one-off events), the provision of resources for self-paced learning and specific interventions requested by individuals or managers.


This is a three-stage process commencing with a sign on session, usually on the first day of work. Sign on includes information on the salary payment system, leave, staff unions, and some aspects of University policy. New staff also attend an introductory session during their first few months which provides information about the University's Strategic Plan and other relevant topics and policies. During their first year, new staff are also invited to a range of other activities. This enables staff to gain a better understanding of the aims and purposes of the University, the part they play in the organisation, and the work of various departments. It also provides an opportunity to meet other staff and see various parts of the campus.

Ongoing Support

The University is committed to the continued development of its staff, throughout their careers, according to organisational goals, individual needs and the resources available. An annual programme of staff development activities is available and includes leadership development, supervisor training, health and safety issues, personal development, teaching development and information technology skills.

The University also currently provides a popular staff fees concession scheme for regular full-time or part-time staff to support part-time study in University papers. Approval to attend classes is subject to operational needs. Further details are available from the HRM Division.

Study Leave Provisions

Staff considering employment, or just appointed to new jobs, at the University of Waikato should be aware of item 12 on the University’s Study Leave Policy. It states: “Previous service at another New Zealand university at the grade of lecturer or above may be counted towards study leave credit.” and includes some provisos. One of these provisos is that application for the credit must be made on appointment. You can find the policy by entering “Study Leave Policy” in the search engine at the top of the page. If you do not apply for this credit at the time of appointment, then you are unable to have leave credited retrospectively under the present policy.

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Main Campus

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