Diploma in Law

The qualification to prepare for your new future.

The Diploma in Law programme has been designed to meet the needs of a wide range of students. If you are seeking to enhance your present career or exploring opportunities for a new career direction, the Diploma programme will provide you with an insight into the legal system and valuable skills in legal research and writing. Flexible full-time and part-time study options allow you to accommodate work and family commitments, while studying for your new future.

Programme structure

The Diploma requires 120 points, comprising:

  • LAWS103 Legal Method and LAWS106 Legal Systems and Societies (40 points at 100 level).
  • LAWS201 Public Law A, LAWS204 Contracts and LAWS207 Torts (60 points at 200 level).
  • An additional 20 points in law at 200 level or above. (Please discuss your paper selection with Te Piringa - Faculty of Law).

The Diploma is normally a two year programme of study, with most students studying LAWS103, LAWS106 and LAWS201 in the first year of study and LAWS204 and LAWS207 in their second year of study, with the other Level 200 additional paper. The Admissions Committee may allow students, who are sufficiently academically prepared, to enrol in all of the law papers in one year.

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#LAWS201 Public Law A from the Diploma will count as LAWS107 Constitutional Law for credit purposes.

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Programme delivery

The programme is offered through a combination of videod lectures and face to face tutorials.

Lectures are offered on the Hamilton Campus. Video recordings of these lectures are viewed online, by students enrolled in the Diploma in Law. The videoed lectures will be available online approx 4 hours after the timetabled lecture in Hamilton.

Tutorials are held both in Hamilton and Tauranga. Tutorials in Tauranga are held in the evening commencing at 6pm. Attendance of tutorials iscompulsory.

A course book of reading materials (cases, articles etc) will need to be purchased and students will have access to a range of Web-based legal research databases.

In order to access the online material including video recordings of lectures, a broadband connection is required with a minimum capacity of 2GB per paper per month.

Credit towards the Bachelor of Laws degree

On successful completion of the Diploma in Law, you are welcome to apply for entry into the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree which is only offered at the Hamilton campus. If you have completed and passed your Diploma in Law papers you will be guaranteed entry into the LLB degree. Any students wishing to graduate with the Diploma in law please contact the Law Administration beforehand. The Diploma of Law papers can be credited towards the first and second years of the LLB programme. Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Laws degree can complete their level 300 and 400 papers at the Hamilton campus.

Entry requirements

Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Faculty of Law Admissions Committee, giving consideration to an applicant's academic preparedness to undertake this programme of study.

Please provide:

  • a written statement (letter of application) of approximately 200-300 words, with full details of any work experience (paid or unpaid) and/or community involvement,
  • details of any previous study (and an academic transcript), and
  • reasons for wishing to undertake the diploma programme.