Law 3 Paper Offerings

Law 3 provides students with an introduction to the principles of the main areas of private law. Students will also be introduced to alternative forms of resolving disputes. This programme is intended to prepare students to undertake the study of specialised areas of law in Law 4.

Law 3 Y papers (A + B Semester)
LEGAL301  - Crimes
LEGAL305  - Corporate Entities
LEGAL306  - Dispute Resolution
LEGAL307  - Land Law
LEGAL308  - Equity and Succession

Papers are offered subject to demand & staff availability.

LEGAL301Y Crimes (20 points)

An analysis of the general principles of criminal law, selected indictable and summary offences chargeable under New Zealand law. An introduction to the procedure upon indictment and summary procedure (excluding evidence), and the criminal justice system.

Prerequisite(s): LEGAL103
Internal assessment/examination ratio: 2:3

LEGAL305Y Corporate Entities (20 points)

An introduction to the concept of corporate personality in the law, including an introduction to the general principles of law relating to companies and other corporates.

Required book(s): M. Von Dadelszen Law of Societies in New Zealand 2nd edition (LexisNexis); J.H. Farrar and S. Watson Company and Securities Law in New Zealand 2nd edition (Thomson Reuters); Watts, Campbell and Hare Company Law in New Zealand (LexisNexis NZ); Incorporated Societies Act 1908; Companies Act 1993
Internal assessment/examination ratio: 3:2

LEGAL306Y Dispute Resolution (20 points)

An introduction to current and developing dispute resolution techniques. Students are exposed to the theory, general principles and practical dimensions of advocacy and adjudication, arbitration, client interviewing and negotiation and mediation.

Internal assessment/examination ratio: 1:0

LEGAL307Y Land Law (20 points)

An analysis of the history, principles and bicultural context of land law.

Prerequisite(s): LEGAL204 and LEGAL207
Internal assessment/examination ratio: 36:64

LEGAL308Y Equity and Succession (20 points)

An analysis of the principles of equity with particular reference to the law of trusts; the principles of the law of succession and the administration of estates; and choses in action and the assignment thereof.

Prerequisite(s): LEGAL204 and LEGAL207
Internal assessment/examination ratio: 7:13