Collect Resources

Essential Tips

  • To populate your list, you need to navigate to an item and then add it to your bookmarks.
  • Where possible, bookmark from Library Search or Library databases – this gives the best metadata.
  • When bookmarking from Library Search or Library databases, use the individual record view of the item. DO NOT bookmark from the results list or from a PDF.
  • You can edit any field in a bookmark except ISBN or ISSN.
  • For electronic resources check that the 'Online Resources' box is ticked. A pop-up box will ask where to link. Select an option in this order of preference: DOI, Web address, Open URL. Click on 'Link to' to confirm the preferred option is selected.

Bookmarks are links to resources such as books, journal articles, websites, videos, etc. Use the Add to my Bookmarks tool to create these links.

Bookmark Resources

  1. Search for a resource (Library Search / databases / Google Scholar / websites)
  2. Click Add to My Bookmarks from your Favourites Toolbar.
  3. Check the information in the fields are correct, edit if necessary.
  4. Check the links to any online content to ensure they are working.
  5. Click Create or Create & Add to List.
  6. Choose the relevant list and section (if adding to existing list).
  7. Add notes and set the importance for resources to indicate whether they are Required, Essential, Recommended etc.
  8. To view the bookmark, return to your list. You may need to refresh your browser or click Edit then Edit List.

See the guide Waikato Reading Lists: Bookmarking for further instructions.

Putting Resources in the High Demand (Course Reserve) Collection

In the Note for Library field state 'High Demand' and click OK.

This replaces the old Course Reserve form.

Off-campus Access

Off-campus users are those who are not physically on campus or who are using their own device.

Bookmarks to online resources must be configured correctly so all users can view them.

When bookmarking an online resource tick the box next to Online Resource and click on Link to. A box will display DOI, Web address, Open URL. The options presented depend on the resource type and metadata.

  • Choose DOI if your resource has one.
  • Choose Web Address if your resource has no DOI and is from a library book or journal (subscribed content). The address must contain This ensures it can be viewed by off campus users (those who are not physically on campus or who are using their own device). To get the exproxy address, navigate to the item via the library.
  • Choose Open URL if the resource has no DOI and is freely available online e.g. a website.