Set up your list

Once a list has been created, it can be organised into sections with headings and notes.

See the guide, Waikato Reading Lists: Setting up a list for further instructions.

Edit your list

The Edit option allows you to make and view changes, add notes, set importance and request digitisation.

  1. From My Lists, click on the relevant list to open.
  2. Click Edit then Edit List.
    Editing WRL Lists
  3. Once you have made changes refresh the page to view the newly added resources.
  4. Click Save Draft to save any changes before publishing the list.

Format your list

  • Adding Sections creates a Table of Contents automatically allowing for easier navigation
  • Notes can be added to sections or to the top of a list
  • Pages can be used to add longer explanations, images, videos, links, etc.

Add resources

Items that have been bookmarked previously can be added to your list by clicking and dragging the title to the relevant section.

Copyright compliance: Requesting digitisation

This step is necessary for providing digitised versions of hardcopy materials. It also records and reports copying that has been done under the CLL University Licence Agreement. Digitisation must also be requested for items that are to be scanned for Moodle.

  1. Navigate to your reading list, click Edit, then Edit List
  2. Click Request Digitisation on the relevant item in your list
  3. You will be prompted to fill in a form
  4. See Waikato Reading Lists: Requesting Digitisation of print resources guide for further information.

IMPORTANT: Different fields are required for different item types e.g. a single chapter, sections of a book or journal article.

Publish your list

A list cannot be viewed by anyone unless you publish it.

  1. Click Publish when you are ready to make the list available to students.
  2. You can add the link to your Moodle paper and Paper Outline.
  3. If you update your list ALWAYS click Publish, otherwise the updated list will not be visible to students.
  4. IMPORTANT: Check the list displays correctly, and that the links work properly.