Readers and Devices

Only some library ebooks can be downloaded in their entirety to ereaders or other hand-held devices. However we provide some basic guidelines here for our main supplier Ebrary and we will add instructions for other providers as they enable this feature.

Note: You may be required to have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your device before you can download or save an ebook. You will need to create an account to use this feature. See Adobe Digital Editions for further instructions.

Open an ebook on my...

There is a link(s) next to the words: Electronic Access. Click on this link and the ebook will open on your screen.

Ebrary:You will need to download Adobe digital editions (this software manages the digital rights on each book) and sign up for a free Adobe username and password. You will need to download the free Ebrary App from App Store or Google Play (for Android).

EbscoHost: An app is available for download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play. See EbscoHost Help for instructions on how to download and authenticate.

Ebrary: You cannot download Ebrary ebooks onto a Kindle.

Print an ebook from my...

Click on the print button or icon and select your printer.

Printing or Emailing a PDF": You can use iBooks to send a copy of a PDF via email, or to print all or a portion of the PDF to a supported printer.

Email a PDF: Open the PDF, then tap and choose Email Document. A new message appears with the PDF attached. Tap Send when you finish addressing and writing your message.

Print a PDF: Open the PDF, then tap and choose Print. Select a printer and the page range and number of copies, then tap Print. For information about supported printers, see "Printing" on page 40.

You can only email or print PDFs. These options aren’t available for ePub books.

Wireless printing. See the instruction manual for your device.
Kobo Desktop does not support printing DRM-protected books, however, you can print our free Gutenberg titles using Adobe® Digital Editions.
Wireless printing. See the instruction manual for your device.

Printing Disclaimer:

Most ebooks which the Library purchases are made available under licenses which limit the number of pages you can print and the amount of text you can copy to paste into another document. Look for the "Help" link displayed when reading the book online. This should tell you what limits have been applied.

Ebooks which are made freely available, such as those in the Victoria University Digital Collections, do not limit the number of pages you can print or the amount of text you can copy.