The High Demand Collection contains Library items that are expected to be in high demand for a short period of time. Items are held in this collection only for the period of high demand.

The collection is located on Level 2 of the Student Centre.

You need to find the Call Number of the item that you want (you can search by your Paper Code in Library Search). Library staff will then get it for you.

You can issue the book yourself by using the self-issue machine in the High Demand Collection room, all you need to do is follow the on-screen instructions on the machine.

  • Make sure you have your ID card handy - scan this barcode first
  • Scan the Waikato Uni barcode on the book - you'll find this on the front cover of the book or just inside the cover
  • Print the receipt and remember to take it with you as this indicates the time the item is due back

If you have any problems, ask at the Level 2 Enquiries Desk.

High Demand Collections items are issued for 2 hours. Occasionally if an item is very highly sought after, the borrowing period may reduce to 1 hour.

You can borrow one book or two folders at a time.

Under the Copyright Agreement the University has with Copyright Licensing Ltd, you may copy up to 10% of the whole book, or one chapter, whichever is the greater amount.