Use Ebooks

The mechanics of opening and navigating through ebooks will depend on which platform they are sitting on, and on the device that you are using. Most of our ebook sites have instructions on how to use their site - usually available via the Help menu.


We have a variety of ebook platforms. Access, downloading and printing is dependent on the Library’s licence agreements with individual providers. Most of our ebooks are available through Ebrary.

There are two common license types for our ebooks:

  • Single User: You can open an ebook on your screen, but you cannot download the full text of the book to your computer or handheld device.
  • Multiple User: You can open and you can download it to your device as long as the publisher has allowed this.

Download / Save from Ebrary

To access Ebrary you will need to have signed in using your University of Waikato username. This will allow you to browse, read books and print (see table below for limits). If you want to download ebooks, save searches or use the Bookshelf feature, you will also need to create an Ebrary account. This account is with Ebrary and is not connected to your University of Waikato account.

You can find more information at ebrary - Search, Find and Use EBooks.

Action Single User Multiple User
Can I download the whole ebook to my computer or device? No Yes. See ebrary Support Center for details.
Can I save the whole ebook? No No
How long can I download the book/chapter for? You cannot download/save to your device, but you can open it through a browser or ebook app. 14 days
What if I get a message that the ebook is in use? Try again later or you can request to be alerted when the book is available N/A
Can I recall an ebook? NoN/A

Print from Ebrary

Download / Save from EbscoHost

See the eBooks on EBSCOhost support pages for helpful tips and tutorials on everything from downloading to searching to creating notes on ebooks.

Action EbscoHost
What access do I have? Limited Multiple User - a maximum of 3 users can access an ebook at any one time.
How much of the ebook can I save? Up to 60 pages. See Printing an EbscoHost ebook for details.
How long can I download the book/chapter for? Up to 7 days
Can I recall an ebook? No
Can I download to my device? See section on Ebook Readers, Devices and Platforms for specific information.

Print from EbscoHost