Research @ Mediarena: Fostering a culture of practical inquiry

Arts-based research practice (ABR) and, within this broad category, research that has a 'creative practice' component, both represent a growing trend. These practices offer qualitative researchers alternatives to traditional research methodologies and methods. Mediarena is a facility and a venue for exploring some of these alternatives. Practice-based research is not just about making or performing something and calling it 'research'. Nor is it about attaching a piece of creative practice to an otherwise conventional bit of research. It is about practice that has an inherent research dimension. But developing these forms of practice also entails developing a practice-based 'culture' for graduates, postgraduates and staff in which practical methods are used to explore a broad range of questions. So Mediarena-supported projects are also about fostering this culture of practical inquiry, out of which higher level research projects are expected to develop over time. You will find a growing range of both inquiry-based practical projects and practice-based research projects documented here. These projects represent a developing body of inquiry into questions about media representations, identities, technologies, communities and forms.

Example Project

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Dance Site - Liminal

Research project investigating the creation of a video site for improvisational dance.