CEREL EVENT 2018: Poland in its Neighbourhood: Climate Change and Energy Policy in Changing Times

16 May 2018

Students from Te Piringa - Faculty of Law had the opportunity to hear from one of Europe's leading experts in energy and environmental law. Dr Maciej M. Sokołowski spoke to a group of PhD students about climate change and energy policy in the EU.

Dr Sokolowski is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw. He is a member of a scholarly advisory panel to Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Science and Higher Education. He specialises in energy law and economic law. The seminar was hosted by the Centre for Environmental Resources and Energy Law research centre and is part of a continuing programme of events planned for 2018.

The seminar discussed how the European Union has long advocated for a more liberal, open, and transparent European energy market driven by the goals on renewable energy, CO2 emissions, and energy efficiency and highlighted how Poland has often been negative about EU proposals, trying to block them or reduce their impact.