Paper Outline Policy

Responsibility for policy: Pro Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning)
Approving authority: Academic Board
Last reviewed: March 2015
Next review date: March 2020

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  1. This policy applies to all paper convenors and chairpersons of department (or equivalent).


  1. The purpose of this policy is to:
    1. ensure that a paper outline is developed and published for every occurrence of every paper taught by the University, and
    2. ensure that paper outlines developed and published in accordance with this policy meet the University's requirements with respect to teaching and learning quality assurance processes.

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  1. This policy should be read in conjunction with the following:


  1. Each paper outline must be treated as a commitment to students enrolled in that paper, and the paper must therefore be delivered and assessed in a manner that is consistent with the paper outline (clauses 6 and 7 of this policy set out the process for changes necessary as a result of unforeseen circumstances).
  2. Each paper outline must include detailed information about the content, requirements, assessment and learning outcomes for the paper, and must conform to the Paper Outline Template agreed by the Academic Board.
  3. Any change to a paper outline required as a result of unforeseen circumstances after it has been published is subject to the approval of the relevant chairperson of department (or equivalent) and must be notified to each enrolled student by email.
  4. The examination/internal assessment weighting of a paper may not be changed after it has been published, unless it has first been agreed to by the relevant chairperson of department (or equivalent), all enrolled students have indicated their agreement, and it has been approved by the Education Committee, in that sequence.


  1. Paper convenors are responsible for:
    1. ensuring that paper outlines are developed for every occurrence of each paper for which they are responsible, except non-credit courses, dissertations and theses
    2. ensuring that paper outlines are published by the end of the first week of teaching at the latest; wherever practicable, paper outlines should be published prior to the start of the paper to assist students in making enrolment decisions
    3. ensuring that any changes to paper outlines after they have been published are approved in accordance with clauses 6 and 7 of this policy.
  2. Chairpersons of department (or equivalent) are responsible for ensuring that paper outlines:
    1. are correct and accurate at the time of publication
    2. comply fully with the Paper Outline Template approved by the Academic Board
    3. are consistent with the Calendar information for the paper, and
    4. are reviewed annually.

Responsibility for monitoring compliance

  1. The Pro Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) is responsible for monitoring compliance with this policy and reporting any breaches to the relevant Dean and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic).
  2. Breaches of this policy may result in disciplinary action under the Staff Code of Conduct.

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