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 Are you a postgraduate student who needs high capacity storage, fast data manipulation or high capacity/fast linkage? If so, this workshop may be for you! 

WHAT: NeSI: New Zealand eScience Infrastructure workshop.
WHEN: Thursday 13 September 10am-3pm.
WHERE: Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts, Gate 2B, University of Waikato.
RSVP: To register your interest for this event email <> by 10 September.

The NeSI road show consists of presentations, demonstrations, and discussions, focusing on high performance computing (HPC) and funding opportunities to HPC facilities. HPC support services such as data storage, data transfer and authentication offerings will also be discussed.

The morning will consist of a presentation about NeSI and several demonstrations of how to use its facilities. In the afternoon, the team is available for individual appointments and small group discussion on discipline-specific issues. 

If you are a researcher from postgraduate to Principal Investigator, with an interest in applying HPC to your project this road show is for you. Researchers from all University faculties, as well as other tertiary institutes, Crown Research Institutes, and research organisations are welcome. Despite its title, NeSI is not restricted to scientists, but could prove invaluable for researchers in a range of disciplines from music to demographics.

This is a networking opportunity hosted by the University of Waikato eResearch Advisory Forum for information gathering and exchange amongst researchers.

For further information on the NeSi roadshow please see <>.

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Calling all PhD Students! 

The Doctoral Writing Conversation Semester A programme begins this Friday. You are warmly invited to our first invited guest session for 21012.
The DWCs offer cross-disciplinary research conversation and writing sessions for higher degree students. Our programme runs weekly on Friday mornings and  offers opportunity for networking, sharing drafts, discussing general research issues and developing strategies and skills to enhance the writing process. The focus of the conversation this Friday will be Becoming a researcher: The lifelong research journey.  Guests will be  ProVCs Kay Weaver (Postgrad) and Richard Coll (Teaching &Learning ), Kirstine Moffat (English), Carrie Swanson & Todd Nachowitz (PGSA). Please encourage your friends and colleagues to come to what promises to be a lively and stimulating conversation.
Date :      9 March 2012
Venue :   Meeting Rooms A and B Faculty of Education (next to tea room)
Time :     9.45am  for a 10am start
A light lunch will be provided at 11.45am
We look forward to seeing you there
Andrea and Marcia
Student Learning
University of Waikato
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Hi all.  Just a friendly reminder that we are having the PGSA AGM this Wednesday (7 March) at 2pm in room E.2.01. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the science blocks, go up the stairs in the bit called “EF link” which is between E and F blocks. When you get to level 2, follow the corridor on the right and it’s on the right.

The agenda for the meeting is:
·        Welcome
·        Apologies
·        Presentation of Annual Reports
·        Election of Officers
·        General Business
If you're interested in working towards a post-graduate culture on campus it’d be great to have you along and hear from you. Bring a friend too!
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The Postgraduate Studies Office (PGSO) and The Postgraduate Students Association (PGSA) are exceptionally pleased to announce that the PhD Movie "Piled Higher and Deeper" is coming to Waikato University on Friday 30th March.
PhD Movie.jpg
Pro Vice-Chancellor Postgraduate C. Kay Weaver invites you and your partner to a screening of The PhD Movie “Piled Higher and Deeper” to celebrate our doctoral students and their contribution to our research culture.  The Movie is a live-action adaptation of the popular online comic strip by Jorge Cham. It pokes light-hearted fun at the unique and funny culture of Academia and the plight of four doctoral students as they struggle to find balance between research, teaching and their personal lives. The movie was filmed on location at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) last year and has already attracted requests for screenings at 500 tertiary institutions worldwide.  Dr Cham created PhD comics in 1997 as “therapy” while working towards a PhD in mechanical engineering at Stanford. The comics became the basis of a business and his website ( attracts seven million visitors a year.
Friday, 30 March 2012
5pm for nibble and a glass of wine (followed by a cash bar)
6pm movie screening
Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts
University of Waikato
Gate 2B, Knighton Rd

RSVPs are essential and requested by Monday 26 March to with ‘PhD Movie’ in the subject line. Numbers are limited by seating availability in the Concert Chamber, so secure your seats early. 
Don’t miss out!
The movie runs just over an hour.  Don't forget to RSVP!
We look forward to seeing you all there!


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The PGSA Executive Committee would like to announce the launch of the new official PGSA Facebook page.

Check it out when you get a chance at: 

Click the "like" button, add events, ask questions, start discussions, interact with your committee, and hook up with other postgrads!

We know that doing a higher degree can be a lonely affair at times, so check us out and join us for our informal coffee/tea breaks (Tuesdays at 2pm at the Station Cafe), and other events.  Get active, and get involved!

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 Hi everyone,

Happy New Year.

The annual general meeting for the PGSA is on the 1st March in JG.17. The main agenda item is to elect a new executive for the PGSA.

I will be standing down as president so we are looking for a new president. Please consider putting yourself forward. Come to the meeting and find out what it involves. Its not a huge job, and it can be very interesting and rewarding.

We are in a tenuous position though, and unless some postgrads come forward and volunteer to get involved, the PGSA will lapse. IT NEEDS YOU.

There are 600 enrolled postgrads. 40% of them are international students. There are over 200 on our mailing list.  I hope we can get a good representation of this body of students at our AGM. We are as strong as our united members. Potentially we are a powerful group on campus. 


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 Hi everyone,

Its almost the end of 2010 and the PGSA executive met for the last time, last week. The main item for discussion was how can we pass on the association to a new group of people who will be able to easily pick it up and carry on. We, the current executive group, are mostly finishing our studies soon, so will not be standing for re-election. We have been frustrated in our wish to promote more social interaction between PGs by the fact that we have no income, and no space to call our own. these are issues that the PGSA needs to make progress on if the association is going to become more than a few volunteers coming together very occasionally to talk about what needs to happen. 

We need new blood, new energy, and new vision to move the association forward. Someone recently suggested setting up a facebook page. I think this is a great idea, though i am not prepared to do it myself, So there's an invitation - if you want to see better means of communication between PGs, get in there, create a facebook page, get in touch with each other. I have met so many fantasic and interesting new doctoral candidates this year, and wish that there was a place where we could drop in and meet, have coffee, share our research with each other, set up meetings and so on. I believe it will happen, but it needs a bit of input from more students.

I completely understand that doing a PhD is a primary focus, and people are loathe to get distracted by other things. I have found this difficult myself. But it doesn't need to be arduous or difficult. In fact it can be quite an interesting way to get involved in university affairs, and to meet other PGs that you normally wouldn't have any contact with.

So please consider volunteering to be on  the PGSA for 2011. There will be an AGM early in March to appoint a new executive. I hope you will be there.

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 There's nothing like an extended period 'abroad'  followed by a month of grey wet weather after returning home  to make one reflect on matters. As I mentioned in my earlier blog, I have recently returned from three months in Italy, among other places. I am at that excrutiating stage of thesis writing of trying to pull the last three years of notes, really important ideas, indecipherable data and those deeply important insights together into a coherent argument.  Meanwhile, niggling away at my shoulder is the reminder that  I am also  part of the greater world, including the PGSA. Keeping the PGSA alive has been a huge challenge from the outset, and its made greater by the pressure to complete my doctorate. 

I am not alone in this situation though. This has been the quandary for every president and member of every executive of the PGSA before me. The three year period of writing a thesis is a pressure cooker much of the time, and most students need to be mindful of not getting distracted by other things as they try to complete in the given time. It is the main reason given by postgraduate students  for NOT getting involved int  he PGSA.  But our PGSA is not only an important aspect of the university but it is potentially our united  student voice, and if it is strong it can provide support, a social life and strong advocacy for student affairs. The postgraduate  office is very keen to support us, and would like to encourage us to become a strong association. They have asked us to say what we need in order to make this happen. I appeal to you, the hundreds of postgraduate students in our university to do just this. Send us your thoughts, and give us some ideas on what sort of PGSA you would like to see, and be associated with. Post your comments.

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The postgraduate office have started an e-newsletter. If you haven't already been sent a link to it try this:

There is a competition that goes with this new newsletter, to name it.

Send your entries to The winning name will feature in the next edition (due out in December) and the winner will receive a $50 Bennett’s Book Voucher. Entries close 31 October 2010. 







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 Hi there,

its been some time since I visited these pages.  I have been totally distracted by a lengthy sojourn in Italy (I know, its been tough)  - I recommend it as a great way to escape winter here, though not that great if you intend to use some of the time making progress writing your thesis! 

Thanks to Ron Xavier, our Vice President for standing in during my absence.

Now that spring is imminent (the rain has to stop SOME time) so is Postgraduate Research Month, which will dominate October.  You can find out what's on through visiting the website:

There are lotsr of interesting events that are part of PG research month, including the th3sis in 3 competition, a quiz night, information evening, workshops, seminars and research conferences. If you experienced some of the events that were part of last year's PG research month, you will appreciate the energy and stimulation that these events generate. It is a fantastic opportunity to mix with other doctoral candidates from across disciplines, to find out what others are doing, and to make some strong connections with others working in your field, or indeed, just with others who are also grinding away at writing their theses.

The th3sis in 3 last year was fascinating to witness (and nerve wracking but exciting to participate in). In any one heat a stream of people stand up and in three minutes explain their research. No time to beat about the bush - its straight to the heart of the matter. and incredibly stimulating to listen to. Anyone can go and listen.  If you are competing, its a great exercise in self discipline, because every word counts. good luck for anyone who is entering.

Keep informed of events, and we look forward to seeing you at them!




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