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People frequently ask who the PGSA includes in its representation. This reflects confusion surrounding who is eligible to be referred to as 'postgraduate.' Does this includes Masters students, Honours level, or others studying beyone undergraduate level?

The PGSA executive agree that we represent all students who are studying beyond undergraduate level. This is in line with the university definition of what 'postgraduate' includes.

A postgraduate in the broadest sense includes those students who are working on papers, dissertations and theses at 500, 800 and 900 level. This means that Honours and Masters students are included as Postgraduate.

A more specific definition, that is aligned with the Tertiary Education Commission EFTS funding definition, is Research Postgraduate. This refers to those engaged with independent research, and includes 4 paper (120 point) and 5 paper (150 point) theses at 500 level, and MPhil and doctoral theses.



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Greetings and welcome to our newly revamped website. The University of Waikato PGSA is at an interesting and exciting point in its life as we dive into a new decade.

Firstly, we have a new executive body representing the schools in the university. It might be useful to find out who your school's executive member is and make their acquaintance (if your school doesn't have an executive member you might want to volunteer to take that role).

The PGSA executive members are all postgraduate students who have volunteered to sit on the executive because they want to support and promote the postgraduate experience at the university.

We hope you will support the PGSA, and become active in promoting our mutual interests. We welcome anyone who is interested in either joining the executive or attending meetings.  

 I am optimistic that 2010 will be a positive and productive year for the PGSA.. We welcome your comments.

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