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Postgraduate Research Month

 Hi there,

its been some time since I visited these pages.  I have been totally distracted by a lengthy sojourn in Italy (I know, its been tough)  - I recommend it as a great way to escape winter here, though not that great if you intend to use some of the time making progress writing your thesis! 

Thanks to Ron Xavier, our Vice President for standing in during my absence.

Now that spring is imminent (the rain has to stop SOME time) so is Postgraduate Research Month, which will dominate October.  You can find out what's on through visiting the website:

There are lotsr of interesting events that are part of PG research month, including the th3sis in 3 competition, a quiz night, information evening, workshops, seminars and research conferences. If you experienced some of the events that were part of last year's PG research month, you will appreciate the energy and stimulation that these events generate. It is a fantastic opportunity to mix with other doctoral candidates from across disciplines, to find out what others are doing, and to make some strong connections with others working in your field, or indeed, just with others who are also grinding away at writing their theses.

The th3sis in 3 last year was fascinating to witness (and nerve wracking but exciting to participate in). In any one heat a stream of people stand up and in three minutes explain their research. No time to beat about the bush - its straight to the heart of the matter. and incredibly stimulating to listen to. Anyone can go and listen.  If you are competing, its a great exercise in self discipline, because every word counts. good luck for anyone who is entering.

Keep informed of events, and we look forward to seeing you at them!




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