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Some thoughts about postgraduate study

 There's nothing like an extended period 'abroad'  followed by a month of grey wet weather after returning home  to make one reflect on matters. As I mentioned in my earlier blog, I have recently returned from three months in Italy, among other places. I am at that excrutiating stage of thesis writing of trying to pull the last three years of notes, really important ideas, indecipherable data and those deeply important insights together into a coherent argument.  Meanwhile, niggling away at my shoulder is the reminder that  I am also  part of the greater world, including the PGSA. Keeping the PGSA alive has been a huge challenge from the outset, and its made greater by the pressure to complete my doctorate. 

I am not alone in this situation though. This has been the quandary for every president and member of every executive of the PGSA before me. The three year period of writing a thesis is a pressure cooker much of the time, and most students need to be mindful of not getting distracted by other things as they try to complete in the given time. It is the main reason given by postgraduate students  for NOT getting involved int  he PGSA.  But our PGSA is not only an important aspect of the university but it is potentially our united  student voice, and if it is strong it can provide support, a social life and strong advocacy for student affairs. The postgraduate  office is very keen to support us, and would like to encourage us to become a strong association. They have asked us to say what we need in order to make this happen. I appeal to you, the hundreds of postgraduate students in our university to do just this. Send us your thoughts, and give us some ideas on what sort of PGSA you would like to see, and be associated with. Post your comments.

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Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has considered setting up a facebook page for the PGSA, maybe encouraging all post grad students to use it as a place to keep in touch, introduce themselves and meet others, find out what's going on, and for the PGSA to let us know what's coming up.

Great idea!

A facebook page is now setup for PGSA.

Be friend with us ON FACEBOOK.

Search for "uow pgsa" in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Excellent idea! Someone please do it. I am not a facebook user myself so I would not be a good candidate to set one up. Olive

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