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End of year

 Hi everyone,

Its almost the end of 2010 and the PGSA executive met for the last time, last week. The main item for discussion was how can we pass on the association to a new group of people who will be able to easily pick it up and carry on. We, the current executive group, are mostly finishing our studies soon, so will not be standing for re-election. We have been frustrated in our wish to promote more social interaction between PGs by the fact that we have no income, and no space to call our own. these are issues that the PGSA needs to make progress on if the association is going to become more than a few volunteers coming together very occasionally to talk about what needs to happen. 

We need new blood, new energy, and new vision to move the association forward. Someone recently suggested setting up a facebook page. I think this is a great idea, though i am not prepared to do it myself, So there's an invitation - if you want to see better means of communication between PGs, get in there, create a facebook page, get in touch with each other. I have met so many fantasic and interesting new doctoral candidates this year, and wish that there was a place where we could drop in and meet, have coffee, share our research with each other, set up meetings and so on. I believe it will happen, but it needs a bit of input from more students.

I completely understand that doing a PhD is a primary focus, and people are loathe to get distracted by other things. I have found this difficult myself. But it doesn't need to be arduous or difficult. In fact it can be quite an interesting way to get involved in university affairs, and to meet other PGs that you normally wouldn't have any contact with.

So please consider volunteering to be on  the PGSA for 2011. There will be an AGM early in March to appoint a new executive. I hope you will be there.

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