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  • Philippe, N. (2013). Feeding civilians in occupied France. In N. Philippe, C. Pugsley, J. Crawford, & M. Strohn (Eds.), The Great Adventure Ends: New Zealand and France on the Western Front (pp. 75-96). Christchurch, New Zealand: John Douglas Publishing Ltd.

  • Philippe, N. (2013). La Nouvelle-Zélande dans la Grande Guerre: de la région coloniale à la nation. In M. Bourlet, Y. Lagadec, & E. Le Gall (Eds.), Petites patries dans la Grande Guerre (pp. 211-225). Rennes Cedex, France: Presses Universitaires de Rennes.

  • Philippe, N. (2008). The Town New Zealand Saved. In TV One Documentary.

  • Philippe, N. (2008). Nourrir les populations occupées: le rôle de la C.R.B. dans le Nord de la France. In Le Quesnoy Conference: France and New Zealand During The Great War. Conference held at France.

  • Philippe, N. (2007). Pilotes néo-zélandais tombés en vallée de Somme [Exhibition]. Chateau Duclair (Tailly), Rouen Townhall.

  • Philippe, N. (2007). Anzac Day activities at the Waikato Museum & research around old war diaries. In Community Radio Hamilton.

  • Philippe, N. (2007). Vie quotidienne en France occupée: journaux de Maurice Delmotte 1914 - 1918. Paris: L'Harmattan.

  • Philippe, N. (2007). Daily Life in Occupied France August 1914 - November 1918. In General Public, Waikato Museum of Art and History, Hamilton.

  • Philippe, N. (2007). Writings in times of war: Two civilians in occupied France 1914-1918. In When the Soldiers Return. Conference held at University of Queensland, Australia.

  • Philippe, N. (2007). Voices of war [Photo Exhibition]. Waikato Museum of Art and History, Hamilton, New Zealand.

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