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  • Khoo, E., & Wright, N. (2016). Editorial: Charting flexible pathways in open, mobile and distance education. Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning, 20(2), 1-5.

  • Scott, J., Khoo, E., Peter, M., & Round, H. (2016). Flipped classroom learning in a large introductory undergraduate engineering course. In AAEE2016 Conference. Conference held at Novotel Pacific Bay Resort, Coffs Harbour, Australia.

  • Cowie, B. M., & Khoo, E. (2016). Reconfiguring and reconceptualising blurring boundaries. In The 47th Annual ASERA Conference. Conference held at QT Hotel, Canberra, Australia.

  • Khoo, E. G. L., & Peter, M. (2016). Learning threshold concepts in an undergraduate engineering flipped classroom. In Learning Analytics Day, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • White, D., Cowie, B., Khoo, E. G. L., & Dix, S. (2016). A whole school teacher collaborative inquiry approach to enhancing boy’s writing. In NZARE Conference 2016: The politics of learning. Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Cowie, B., & Khoo, E. G. L. (2016). Towards an ecological understanding of support for science learning. In NZARE Annual Conference 2016: The politics of learning. Conference held at Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Khoo, E. G. L., Merry, R., Nguyen, N. H., Bennett, T., & MacMillan, N. (2015). iPad and opportunities for teaching and learning for young children: iPads and Opportunities for Teaching and Learning for Young Children (iPads n Kids). Hamilton, New Zealand: Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research.

  • Peter, M., Khoo, E., Scott, J., & Round, H. (2015). Reengineering an engineering course: How flipped classrooms afford transformative teaching and learning. In ECER 2015. Conference held at Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary.

  • Hight, C., Torrens, R., Khoo, E., & Cowie, B. (2015). Software literacy within tertiary education: Findings from a 2-year project. In WCELfest 2015: Sharing our Stories-Reflecting on Learning & Technology. Conference held at The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Khoo, E., Merry, R., & Bennett, T. (2015). “I want to say…”: Privileging young children’s voices in iPad-supported assessment for learning. Early Childhood Folio, 19(1), 3-9. doi:10.18296/ecf.0002

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