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  • Schmidt, J., Michelle, C., & Simon-Kumar, R. (2015). Editorial. Women's Studies Journal, 29(1), 2-3.

  • Simon-Kumar, R., Michelle, C., & Schmidt, J. M. (2015). (Editor) Women's Studies Journal. Women's Studies Journal, 29(2).

  • Hardy, A., Michelle, C., Davis, C. H., & Hight, C. (2015). 'If this is Tolkien, I do not want it. Take it away please! Why does it hurt so much?' Understanding pleasure and disaffection among viewers of The Hobbit film trilogy. In Australian and New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA) 2015: Rethinking Communication, Space and Identity. Conference held at Queenstown, New Zealand.

  • Hardy, A. L., Davis, C. H., Michelle, C., & Hight, C. (2015). Still a spiritual journey? Changing audience reactions to The Hobbit film trilogy. In PopCAANZ 6th Annual International Conference (Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand). Conference held at Massey University Campus, Welliington, New Zealand.

  • Michelle, C., Davis, C. H., & Vladica, F. (2015). Understanding variation in audience engagement and response: An application of the composite model to receptions of Avatar. In Z. Vukanovic, J. B. Lesourd, & S. Wildman (Eds.), Consumption and Branding Value Networks in New Media Markets (Vol. 1, pp. 245-280). Mediaxxi-Formalpress.

  • Michelle, C., Davis, C. H., Hardy, A. L., & Hight, C. (2015). Pleasure, disaffection, 'conversion' or rejection? The (limited) role of prefiguration in shaping audience engagement and response. International Journal of Cultural Studies, 18 pages. doi:10.1177/1367877915571407

  • Michelle, C., Hardy, A. L., Davis, C. H., & Hight, C. (2014). An unexpected controversy in Middle-earth: audience encounters with the ‘dark side’ of transnational film production. Transnational Cinemas, -online, 1-18. doi:10.1080/20403526.2014.941185

  • Michelle, C., Davis, C. H., Hardy, A., & Hight, C. (2014). Pleasure, disaffection, conversion and defection: theorising the relationship between pre- and post-viewing responses to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. In Open Conference of the COST Action IS0906 Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies: The future of audience research: Agenda, theory and societal significance. Conference held at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  • Davis, C. H., Michelle, C., Hardy, A., & Hight, C. (2014). Framing audience prefigurations of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: The roles of fandom, politics and idealised intertexts. Participations: Journal of Audience & Reception Studies, 11(1), 50-87. Retrieved from

  • Hardy, A., Davis, C. H., Michelle, C., & Hight, C. (2014). Moved by the spirit of The Hobbit?. In 9th International Conference on Media, Religion and Culture (ISMRC). Conference held at University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom.

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