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  • Marczak, R., Schott, G., & Hanna, P. (2015). Understanding player experience through the use of similarity matrix. In Proceedings of DiGRA 2015: Diversity of play: Games – Cultures – Identities (pp. 1-16). DiGRA Digital Library. Retrieved from

  • Schott, G. R. (2015). Earthing [Soundtrack]. The Quiet Earth Exhibition, Hamilton, New Zealand: RAMP Gallery.

  • Marczak, R., & Schott, G. R. (2015). Audio visual analysis of player experience: Feedback-based gameplay metrics. In P. Lankoski, & S. Björk (Eds.), Game Research Methods: An Overview (pp. 207-230). Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America: ETC Press.

  • Lorentz, P., Ferguson, C. J., & Schott, G. (2015). Editorial: The experience and benefits of game playing. Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace, 9(3), 3 pages. doi:10.5817/CP2015-3-1

  • Marczak, R., Schott, G., & Hanna, P. (2015). Postprocessing gameplay metrics for gameplay performance segmentation based on audiovisual analysis. IEEE: Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games, 7(3), 279-291. doi:10.1109/TCIAIG.2014.2382718

  • Carr, D., Buckingham, D., Burn, A., & Schott, G. R. (2015). Computer games: Text, narrative and play (Chinese Simplified Character Edition ed.). Peking University, Beijing, China: Peking University Press.

  • Marczak, R., Hanna, P., Rouas, J. -L., van Vught, J., & Schott, G. (2014). From automatic sound analysis of gameplay footage [Echos] to the understanding of player experience [Ethos]: an interdisciplinary approach to feedback-based gameplay metrics. In A. Georgaki, & G. Kouroupetroglou (Eds.), Proceedings of the ICMS [SMC] 2014: 40th International Computer Music Conference and 11th Sound and Music Computer Conference (pp. 185-192). Conference held at Athens, Greece.

  • Schott, G., Marczak, R., & Neshausen, L. (2014). <Exploring> the <cause> of game (derived) <arousal>: What biometric accounts of player experience revealed. In Proceedings of DiGRA 2014 (pp. 1-15). Conference held at Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • Schott, G., & Burn, A. (2013). Fan art as a function of agency in Oddworld fan culture. In A. Clarke, & G. Mitchell (Eds.), Videogames and Art (Second edition ed., pp. 395-415). USA: Intellect Books (an imprint of University of Chicago Press).

  • Schott, G., & van Vught, J. (2013). Replacing preconceived accounts of digital games with experience of play: When parents went native in GTA IV. ToDiGRA: Transactions of the Digital Games Research Association, 1(1), 115-134.

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