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  • Ryan, C., Thorpe, H., & Pope, C. (2017). The policy and practice of implementing a student–athlete support network: a case study. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics. doi:10.1080/19406940.2017.1320301

  • Thorpe, H., & Wheaton, B. (2017). The X games: re-imagining youth and sport.. In L. Wenner, & A. Billings (Eds.), Sport, Media and Mega-Events (pp. 247-261). New York, USA: Taylor & Francis.

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  • Thorpe, H. (2017). Action Sports, Social Media, and New Technologies. Communication & Sport, 5(5), 554-578. doi:10.1177/2167479516638125

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  • Thorpe, H. A. (2017). The power of sport for youth in conflict. Retrieved from

  • Thorpe, H. A. (2017). Youth and alternative sporting (im)mobilities in disrupted and conflicted spaces.. Transfers, 7(3). doi:10.3167/TRANS.2017.070306

  • Thorpe, H. A. (2017). Sociology from Aotearoa New Zealand: Creative Sports in Post-Disaster Geographiesd. Global DIalogue, 7(3). Retrieved from

  • Olive, R., & Thorpe, H. A. (2017). Feminist ethnography and physical culture: Towards reflexive, political and collaborative methods.. In M. Giardina, & M. Donnelly (Eds.), Physical Culture, Ethnography and the Body: Theory, Method and Praxis. (pp. 114-128). Routledge.

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