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  • Blyth, A. J., Hartland, A., & Baker, A. (2016). Organic proxies in speleothems -- New developments, advantages and limitations. Quaternary Science Reviews, 149, 1-17.

  • Hartland, A., Larsen, J. R., Andersen, M. S., Baalousha, M., & O'Carroll, D. (2015). Association of arsenic and phosphorus with iron nanoparticles between streams and aquifers: Implications for arsenic mobility. Environmental Science and Technology. doi:10.1021/acs.est.5b03506

  • Hartland, A., Ross, P. M., Battershill, C. N., & Dempsey, T. (2015). The effects of the MV Rena on the water quality, chemistry and zooplankton of Otaiti. In New Zealand Marine Sciences Society conference. Auckland, New Zealand. Retrieved from

  • Dempsey, T., Ross, P. M., Hartland, A., McSweeney, C., & Battershill, C. (2015). Water column metal pollution from the Rena shipwreck revealed by DGT passive samplers. In Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Australasia Conference. Retrieved from

  • Hartland, A., Lee, K. C., Pickering, K., Zhang, Y., Barker, S., & Cary, S. C. (2015). Corrosion of the Ohau Channel diversion wall: Corrosion of the Ohau Channel diversion wall (ERI Report No. 50). Environmental Research Institute.

  • Hartland, A., Anderson, M. S., & Hamilton, D. P. (2015). Phosphorus and arsenic distributions in a seasonally-stratified, iron- and manganese-rich lake: microbiological and geochemical controls. Environmental Chemistry, online. Retrieved from

  • Huteau, J., Battershill, C., & Hartland, A. (2014). Trace elements in the Waikareao Estuary, Tauranga Harbour - When, Where and Why?. In 21st Century Watershed Technology Conference and Workshop. Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Hartland, A., Bartlett, R., Fairchild, I. J., & Hu, C. (2014). A new era of quantitative palaeohydrology from speleothem trace elements?. In R. Drysdale, J. Hellstrom, & J. Woodhead (Eds.), Climate Change: The Karst Record 7th International Conference KR7 Down Under (pp. 94-95). Melbourne, Australia.

  • Wynn, P. M., Fairchild, I. J., Spotl, C., Hartland, A., Mattey, D., Fayard, B., & Cotte, M. (2014). Synchrotron X-ray distinction of seasonal hydrological and temperature patterns in speleothem carbonate. Environmental Chemistry, 11(1), 28-36. doi:10.1071/EN13082

  • Larsen, J., Tran, M., Andersen, M., Hartland, A., Baker, A., & Mariethoz, G. (2014). Bayesian attribution of uncertainty in isotope hydrograph separation. In European Geophysical Union General Assembly Vol. 16. Conference held Vienna, Austria.

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