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  • Aporosa, A. (2016). Kava revival concept starts interesting discussion online. In Cook Islands News (pp. 12-13).

  • Aporosa, A. (2016). Going under kava. In Radio New Zealand, Wellington. Retrieved from

  • Aporosa, A. (2016). Pacific feels the strain of increased demand for kava. In Radio New Zealand, Dateline Pacific. Retrieved from

  • Aporosa, A. (2016). Benefits of kava catching on in NZ and beyond. In Radio New Zealand: Dateline Pacific. Retrieved from

  • Aporosa, A. (2016). Kava discussion prompts more debate. In Cook Islands News (pp. 4).

  • Aporosa, S. A. (2016). Māori academic success: Why the deficit perspectives?. Micronesian Educator: A Journal of Research and Practice on Education, 23, 33-51.

  • Aporosa, S. (2015). The new kava user: Diasporic identity formation in reverse. New Zealand Sociology, 30(4), 58-77.

  • Aporosa, A. (2015). [Keynote] The (proposed) Australian Kava ban: Legitimate government concern or a breach of human rights?”. In International Kava Conference II of the Australian-World Kava Movement For Fair-go. Conference held at Australia National University, Canberra.

  • Aporosa, A. (2015). Should you drink kava and drive?. In Radio New Zealand, Wellington. Retrieved from

  • Aporosa, S. (2014). Yaqona (kava) as a symbol of cultural identity. Locale: The Australasian - Pacific Journal of Regional Food Studies, n4, 79-101.

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