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  • Long, M. (2014). An Béal Bocht, translation and the proper name. In Flann O'Brien & Modernism (pp. 77-91). Bloomsbury Publishing USA.

  • Long, M. (2013). Surviving the event of death. Double Dialogues: The Event, The Subject and the Artwork, 16(Spring). Retrieved from

  • Long, M. (2013). Derrida interviewing Derrida: Autoimmunity and the laws of the interview. Australian Humanities Review, 54(May), 103-119.

  • Long, M. (2011). A step askew: Ironic parabasis in blanchot. In Blanchot Romantique (pp. 233-244). Peter Lang.

  • Long, M. (2011). Stepping away: Radical digressively and at swim-two-birds. In R. Atkin (Ed.), Textual Wanderings: The Theory and Practice of Narrative Digression. Oxford: Legenda.

  • Long, M. (2011). The hedgehog and Lord Browne: The to come of the humanities. World Picture, 5, 1-16.

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