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  • Nikora, L. W., Masters-Awatere, B., Rua, M. R., Hopner, V., Alefaio-Tugia, S., Stewart, L., . . . Carr, S. (2017). Indigenized internationalization: Developments and lessons from two Aotearoa/New Zealand Universities. In G. Rich, U. Gielen, & H. Takooshian (Eds.), Internationalizing the Teaching of Psychology (pp. 129-142). Charlotte, NC 28271: Information Age Publishing.

  • Masters-Awatere, B. (2017). A game of slides and ladders: Māori health providers and funders. In S. Groot, C. van Ommen, B. Masters-Awatere, & N. Tassell-Matamua (Eds.), Precarity: Uncertain, Insecure and Unequal Lives in Aotearoa New Zealand (pp. 146-160). Massey University Press.

  • Robertson, N., & Masters-Awatere, B. (2017). Out of the pan and into the fire: Precariousness among women and children escaping domestic violence. In S. Groot, C. van Ommen, B. Masters-Awatere, & N. Tassell-Matamua (Eds.), Precarity: Uncertain, Insecure and Unequal Lives in Aotearoa New Zealand (pp. 85-94). Massey University Press.

  • Nikora, L. W., Masters-Awatere, B., Waitoki, W., & Rua, M. (2016). Indigenous psychologies, fourth world peoples and the international literature: Finding ourselves in online abstracting and indexing databases. The Journal of Critical Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy, 16(3), 214-222.

  • Masters-Awatere, B., Brown, J., & Tangitu-Joseph, M. (2016). A formative evaluation of the Sistema Waikato programme: A technical report prepared for the Hamilton City Council and Sistema Waikato Steering Group. Hamilton, New Zealand: Maori and Psychology Research Unit, University of Waikato.

  • Waitoki, W., Rowe, L., Masters-Awatere, B., Wharewera-Mika, J., Cherrington, L., Harris, P., & Kingi, T. (2016). He Paiaka Tipu, He Paiaka Totara: A totara sprout strengthened by the totara network. In New Zealand Psychological Society Annual Conference 2016: Psychology without Borders. Conference held at Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Masters-Awatere, B. (2016). Culturally confluent evaluation – A rubric analysis to assess voice. In He paiaka totara, he paiaka tipu: Indigenous Psychology Symposium. Conference held at Tokorangi Marae, Halcombe, Manawatū, New Zealand.

  • Masters-Awatere, B. (2016). He kākano mai i Rangiātea. In W. Waitoki, & M. Levy (Eds.), Te Manu Kai i Te Mātauranga: Indigenous Psychology in Aotearoa/New Zealand (pp. 271-281). Wellington, New Zealand: The New Zealand Psychological Society.

  • Hudson, M., Oetzel, J., Scott, N., Rarere, M., & Foote, J. (2016). He Pikinga Waiora: Making Health Interventions work for Māori communities. In Toi Tangata Webinar series.

  • Masters-Awatere, B. A., Nikora, L., Waitoki, W., Valentine, H., MacFarlane, S., & Gibson, K. (2016). Our response to the question of indigenous elders: How does your training prepare psychologists to work with indigenous people?. In International Journal of Psychology: Special Issue: 31st International Congress of Psychology (ICP2016) Vol. 51. Conference held at Yokohama, Japan.

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