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  • Jackson, N., & Cameron, M. (2017). The unavoidable nature of population ageing and the ageing-driven end of growth - an update for New Zealand. Journal of Population Ageing, 26 pages. doi:10.1007/s12062-017-9180-8

  • Cameron, M. (2017). Climate change, internal migration and the future spatial distribution of population: A case study of New Zealand (03/17). Waikato Management School.

  • Cameron, M. P., Cochrane, W., & Livingston, M. (2017). The relationship between alcohol outlets and harm. A spatial panel analysis for New Zealand, 2007-2014 - Version 2 (Commissioned by Health Promotion Agency) (Version 2). Retrieved from

  • Cameron, M. P. (2017). Climate change, internal migration and the future spatial distribution of population: A case study of New Zealand. Population and Environment, 22 pages. doi:10.1007/s11111-017-0289-8

  • Rutledge, D., Ausseil, A. -G., Baisden, T., Bodeker, G., Booker, D., Cameron, M., . . . Zammit, C. (2017). Identifying Feedbacks, Understanding Cumulative Impacts and Recognising Limits: A National Integrated Assessment.
    Synthesis Report RA3. Climate Changes, Impacts and Implications for New Zealand to 2100.
    (MBIE contract C01X1225).

  • Hokowhitu, B., Oetzel, J., Reddy, R., Smith, L., Simpson, M., Nock, S., . . . Johnston, K. (2017). Kaumatua mana motuhake: Kaumatua managing life-transitions through tuakana-teina/peer education. In The New Zealand Medical Journal: Proceedings of the Waikato Clinical Campus Biannual Research Seminar Vol. 130 (pp. 108).

  • Poot, J., Alimi, O., Cameron, M., & Mare, D. C. (2016). The gravity model in spatial demography: The successful comeback of an ageing superstar. In ERSA 56th Congress. Cities & Regions: Smart, Sustainable, Inclusive?. Conference held at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna, Austria.

  • Ausseil, A. -G., Bodmin, K., Daigneault, A., Teixeira, E., Keller, E., Kirschbaum, M., . . . Rutledge, D. (2016). Climate change impacts and implications: An integrated assessment in a lowland environment of New Zealand. In 8th International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software (pp. 10 pages). Toulouse, France: Berkeley Electronic Press.

  • Cameron, M. (2016). Better understanding our (Economics) students. In 1st International Conference on Business, Economics and Education Management. Pakistan.

  • Cameron, M. P., Cochrane, W., Gordon, C., & Livingston, M. (2016). Alcohol outlet density and violence: A geographically weighted regression approach. Drug and Alcohol Review, 35(3), 280-288. doi:10.1111/dar.12295

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