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  • Barnes, J., & Sasso, T. (2012). A picture of violence: Do the statistics reflect the reality?. In 25th Annual Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology Annual Conference (ANZSOC): Public Criminologies: Crime, Power and Marginalisation. Conference held University of Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Barnes, J., & Sasso, T. (2011). Violence and violent offenders in Hamilton, New Zealand. In The British Sociological Association Annual Conference. Conference held at London School of Economics, United Kingdom.

  • Barnes, J., & Harris, P. (2011). Still kicking? The Royal Commission on social policy, 20 years on. Social Policy Journal of New Zealand, 37, 70-82. Retrieved from

  • Barnes, J. (2010). Perception of safety second survey.

  • Barnes, J. (2009). Perception of safety survey.

  • Winston, N., & Barnes, J. (2008). Attitudes regarding health care in retirement. In American Association Of Behavioral And Social Science. Conference held at Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

  • Barnes, J., Macdonald, L., & Dharmalingam, A. (2008). Family related considerations in the decision to work or retire - a New Zealand study. In Committee on Family Research (RC06) of the International Sociological Association Conference: Aging: Families and Households in Global Perspective. Conference held at Lasell College, Boston, USA.

  • Winston, N. A., & Barnes, J. (2007). Anticipation of retirement among baby boomers. Journal of Women & Aging, 19(3/4), 137-159.

  • Winston, N. A., & Barnes, J. (2007). Taking the reins: increased responsibility for financial well-being in retirement. In TASA & SAANZ Joint Conference. Conference held at University of Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Barnes, J. (2006). The impact and effectiveness of Waikato funding organisations - 2nd Report.

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