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  • Nagel, T., Rosendahl, D., Hua, Q., Moss, P., Sloss, C., Petchey, F., & Ulm, S. (2016). Extended residence times for foraminifera in a marine-influenced terrestrial archaeological deposit and implications for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 5, 25-34. doi:10.1016/j.jasrep.2015.11.008

  • David, B., Jones-Amin, H., Richards, T., Mialanes, J., Asmussen, B., Petchey, F., . . . Ulm, S. (2016). Ruisasi 1 and the earliest evidence of mass-produced ceramics in Caution Bay (Port Moresby region), Papua New Guinea. Journal of Pacific Archaeology, 7(1), 20 pages.

  • David, B., Richards, T., McNiven, I. J., Mialanes, J., Aplin, K., Petchey, F. J., . . . Barker, B. (2016). The Caution Bay Project field and laboratory methods. In T. Richards, B. David, K. Aplin, & I. J. McNiven (Eds.), Archaeological Research at Caution Bay, Papua New Guinea: Cultural, Linguistic and Environmental Setting (pp. 145-175). Oxford, England: Archaeopress Publishing Ltd.

  • Barber, I. G., Maxwell, J. J., & Petchey, F. (2016). A radiocarbon investigation of Moriori forest use on Rēkohu (Chatham Island), southwestern Polynesia. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 10, 96-109. doi:10.1016/j.jasrep.2016.08.040

  • David, B., Mialanes, J., Petchey, F., Aplin, K., Geneste, J. -M., Skelly, R., & Rowe, C. (2015). Archaeological investigations at Waredaru and the origins of the Keipte Kuyumen clan estate, upper Kikori River, Papua New Guinea. Paleo, 26, 33-57.

  • Petchey, F. J., Spriggs, M., Bedford, S., Valentin, F., & Buckley, H. (2015). Radiocarbon dating the Teouma Lapita cemetery, Efate, Vanuatu. In 8th International Lapita Conference. Conference held in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

  • David, B., Szabo, K., Aplin, K., Perrette, C., Petchey, F., McNiven, I., . . . Barker, B. (2015). Recent results from Caution Bay, PNG, with a focus on the stratified Tanamu 1 site. In 8th International Lapita Conference. Conference held in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

  • Fanning, P., Holdaway, S., Shiner, J., Petchey, F., & Bailey, G. (2015). Geoarchaeology in action: deconstructing anthropogenic shell mounds from the Cape York region of Australia. In XIX INQUA 2015: Quaternary Perspectives on Climate Change, Natural Hazards and Civilization. Conference held in Nagoya, Japan. Retrieved from

  • Petchey, F. J., Clark, G., Winter, O., O'Day, P., & Litster, M. (2015). How old is the Bapot-1 Site in Saipan, Mariana Islands?. In AAA2015 Conference: On the Edge, The Archaeology of Adaptation and Transition. Conference held at Fremantle, Western Australia.

  • Petchey, F., Spriggs, M., Bedford, S., & Valentin, F. (2015). The chronology of occupation at Teouma, Vanuatu: Use of a modified chronometric hygiene protocol and Bayesian modeling to evaluate midden remains. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 4, 95-105. doi:10.1016/j.jasrep.2015.08.024

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