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  • Alvarez-Jimenez, A. (2017). The international law gaze: Indonesia — Import Licensing Regimes (New Zealand). New Zealand Law Journal, 260-263.

  • Alvarez-Jimenez, A. (2017). The international law gaze: Marshall Island v United Kingdom. New Zealand Law Journal, July 2017, 222-226.

  • Alvarez-Jimenez, A. (2017). The international law gaze: The ICSID award in Philip Morris v Uruguay and the near end of the “aesthetic experience”. New Zealand Law Journal, 2, 29-33.

  • Alvarez-Jimenez, A. (2017). From Al-Qaida in 2001 to ISIL in 2015: The Security Council's decisions on terrorism and their impact on the right to self-defense against autonomous non-state actors. Minnesota Journal of International Law, 26(2), 345-418.

  • Alvarez-Jimenez, A. (2016). Letters to the Security Council by Two Prisoners of War, Israel and Palestine, and How to Interpret IHL in Protracted International Conflicts. In ANZIL 24th Annual Conference: International Law of the Everyday: Fieldwork, Friction & Fairness. Canberra. Australia.

  • Alvarez-Jimenez, A. (2016). The international law gaze: The plain victory of tobacco plain packaging legislation in Philip Morris Asia v Australia. New Zealand Law Journal, 11, 419-429.

  • Alvarez-Jimenez, A. (2016). Allocation of risks in times of crisis. In ANZSIL International Economic Law Interest Group. Auckland..

  • Alvarez-Jimenez, A. (2016). State Practice before the Security Council related to the right of self-defense against Non-State Actors: 2002 – 2015.. In The Evolutionary Interpretation of Treaties: The UN Charter and the European Convention on Human Rights Facing Modern Challenges. European Society of International Law. Moscow. Russian Federation.

  • Alvarez-Jimenez, A. (2016). Alternative ways to respond to the ICSID Case-Law on
    Non-Precluded Measures clauses in BITs – Going
    beyond Sykes on economic necessity. In The Age of Mega-Regionals. TPP & Regulatory Autonomy in IEL. Conference held Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne, Australia.

  • Alvarez-Jimenez, A. (2015). The political economy of crises and international investment law after the Great Recession. In The 2015 International Conference on International Trade and Business Law (INTRABIL). Conference held at Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya, Indonesia.

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