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  • Campbell, A. M. (2014). Biological curiosities of the animal world Barely imagined beings: the gonad-footed shrimp and other strange creatures. In Cafe Scientifique. Retrieved from

  • Campbell, A. M. (2014). Not science as I know it. New Zealand Skeptic, 111, 22-23.

  • Campbell, A. M. (2014). Science communication: blogging, pecha kucha, and reaching the undecided (& everybody else!). In Absolutely Positively Science, a Conference for Women in Science. Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Campbell, A. (2014). Policy engagement session. In Transforming Public Engagement on Controversial Science & Technology. Conference held at University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Campbell, A. (2014). Active by design: a flipping experience. In WCELfest14. Conference held at University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Campbell, A. (2013). Leadership of learning. In Great Teaching and Learning Ideas from Winners of Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards. Conference held at Auckland.

  • Campbell, A. (2013). Does breastfeeding really have an impact on a child's social mobility?. In Radio New Zealand interview,.

  • Campbell, A. (2013). Plagiarism in the NZ tertiary sector. In Radio New Zealand interview with Jim Mora,.

  • Campbell, A., & Gould, K. (2012). Active by design: learning through 'designing' an organism in tertiary biology classes. In NZASE Science Conference. Conference held at The University of Auckland, Auckland.

  • Otrel-Cass, K., Campbell, A., & Wilson, M. T. (2012). Fostering opportunities to talk about science: the value of Café Scientifique. In B. France, & V. Compton (Eds.), Bringing Communities Together: Connecting Learners with Scientists or Technologists (pp. 187-196). The Netherlands: Sense Publishers. Retrieved from

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