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Publications ByTE PUNGA SOMERVILLE, Alice A

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  • Te Punga Somerville, A. A. (2017). I do still have a letter: Our sea of archives. In C. Anderson, & J. M. O'Brien (Eds.), Sources and Methods in Indigenous Studies. Routledge.

  • Te Punga Somerville, A. (2017). Where oceans come from. Comparative Literature, 69(1), 25-31. doi:10.1215/00104124-3794579

  • Te Punga Somerville, A. (2017). The great pacific garbage patch as metaphor: The (American) pacific you can't see. In B. R. Roberts, & M. A. Stephens (Eds.), Archipelagic American Studies (pp. 320-340). Duke University Press.

  • Te Punga Somerville, A. (2017). A sign reads/'Sovereignty': Maori Texts, indigenous sovereignty. In Association for the Study of Australian Literature Annual Conference 2016. Conference held at UNSW Canberra, Australia.

  • Te Punga Somerville, A. A. (2016). Te Ao hou: Te pataka. In M. Williams (Ed.), A History of New Zealand Literature (pp. 182-194). Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/CBO9781316050873.014

  • Te Punga Somerville, A. A. (2016). Where is the indigenous humanities?. In NIRAKN Seminar Series (The National Indigenous Research and Knowledges Network (NIRAKN) ), QUT Kelvin Grove Campus, Brisbane QLD.

  • Te Punga Somerville, A. A. (2016). Largely untapped wealth: Pacific literature before 1900. In The 6th Biennial Conference of the Australian Association for Pacific Studies: Tides of Transformation: Pacific Pasts, Pacific Futures. Conference held at James Cook University, Cairns, Australia.

  • Te Punga Somerville, A., & Justice, D. H. (2016). Introduction: Indigenous conversations about biography. Biography - An Interdisciplinary Quarterly, 39(3), 239-247. doi:10.1353/bio.2016.0034

  • Te Punga Somerville, A. (2016). Indigenous guests: relations, strangers, settlers'. In Australian Studies Research Network Seminar: Who were the settlers? Structure and Variability in Australian Settler Colonialism: A Conversation. Conference held at University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

  • Te Punga Somerville, A. A., Justice, D. H., & Arista, N. (2016). (Guest editor) Indigenous conversations about biography. Biography (Honolulu): Special Issue: Indigenous conversations about biography, 39(3), 239-509.

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