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  • Arunachalam, M., Singh-Ladhar, J., & McLachlan, A. (2016). Advancing environmental sustainability via deliberative democracy: Analysis of planning and policy processes for the protection of Lake Taupo. Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal, 7(3), 29 pages. doi:10.1108/SAMPJ-10-2014-0062

  • Arunachalam, M., & McLachlan, A. (2015). Accountability for business ethics in the context of financial markets authority's corporate governance principles. New Zealand Journal of Applied Business Research, 13(1), 19-34.

  • Bather, A., & Singh-Ladhar, J. (2014). Fair trading. In Richard Varey (Ed.), New Zealand Law for Marketers (pp. 291-385). LexisNexis.

  • Bather, A., Hewa-Wellalage, N., & Reddy, K. (2014). MSME Governance: Can you tell me which way I ought to go from here?. In J. Mueller, & P. Wells (Eds.), Governance in Action: Strategy, Process and Reality (pp. 357-375). RossiSmith Academic.

  • Bather, A. (2014). Anticompetitive conduct in the marketplace. In Richard Varey (Ed.), New Zealand Law for Marketers (pp. 479-513). LexisNexis.

  • Bather, A. (2014). Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. In Richard Varey (Ed.), New Zealand Law for Marketers (pp. 251-289). LexisNexis.

  • Bather, A. (2014). Consumer law. In Richard Varey (Ed.), New Zealand Law for Marketers (pp. 203-249). LexisNexis.

  • Bather, A., & Arunachalam, M. (2013). Business ethics in the context of New Zealand corporate governance: An interpretive analysis of the Securities Commission policy document Corporate Governance in New Zealand Principles and Guidelines. In 2013 International Conference on Critical Accounting. Conference held at New York, USA.

  • Reddy, K., & Bather, A. (2013). Institutional investors, firm performance and the prospects for socially responsible investing: Evidence from New Zealand. In S. Young, & S. Gates (Eds.), Critical Studies on Corporate Responsibility, Governance and Sustainability (pp. 149-175). Emerald. doi:10.1108/s2043-9059(2013)0000005015

  • Bather, A., Foo, D., Kelly, M., McCourt, A., & Singh-Ladhar, J. (2012). The practice of sustainable business: A New Zealand perspective. Interdisciplinary Environmental Review, 13(1), 10-20.

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