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Publications ByGILLESPIE, Alexander M

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  • Gillespie, A. M. (2017). The Causes of War Volume 3 - 1400 CE to 1650 CE (Vol. 3). A. M. Gillespie (Ed.), Hart Publishing.

  • Gillespie, A. M. (2017). What are Trump's options on North Korea?. Aljazeera.

  • Gillespie, A. (2016). The Causes of War Volume II: 1000 CE to 1400 CE. Hart Publishing Limited.

  • Gillespie, A. M. (2016). Intentional destruction of cultural property. In A. Tompkins (Ed.), Art Crime and Its Prevention (pp. 191-206). Lund Humphries.

  • gillespie, A. (2016). What is sensitive for particularly sensitive sea area?. New Zealand Journal of Environmental Law, 20, 1-42.

  • Gillespie, A. M. (2015). ISIS and us: NZ's intervention into Iraq. In Tauranga Boys' College, Tauranga, and Academy of Performing Arts, Hamilton (New Zealand).

  • Gillespie, A. (2015). Waste Policy International Regulation, Comparative and Contextual Perspectives. Edward Elgar Publishing.

  • Gillespie, A. M. (2015). Alexander Gillespie: The deadly legacy of Hiroshima. In The New Zealand Herald. Retrieved from

  • Gillespie, A. (2014). The next big challenge in fresh-water pollution. In Fresh Water -- Fresh Thinking Forum. Conference held at InterContinental Hotel, Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Gillespie, A. M. (2014). [Keynote]: The case for Valentia as World Heritage. In Help Preserve & Restore the '8th Wonder of the World': A Benefit to Celebrate Ireland's Contribution to Industrial World Heritage. American Irish Historical Society, New York, USA.

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