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  • Barton, B., & Schütte, P. (2017). Electric vehicle law and policy: a comparative analysis. Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law, 35(2), 147-170. doi:10.1080/02646811.2017.1262087

  • Barrera-Hernández, L., Barton, B. J., Godden, L., Lucas, A., & Rønne, A. (2017). Sharing the Costs and Benefits of Energy and Resource Activity: a new book by SEERIL’s Academic Advisory Group. Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Law. doi:10.1080/02646811.2017.1293905

  • Field, B., Barton, B. J., Funnell, R., Higgs, K., Nichol, A., & Seebeck, H. (2017). Managing potential interactions of subsurface resources. Proceedings of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers Part A: Journal of Power and Energy. doi:10.1177/0957650917717628

  • Barton, B. J. (2017). Why Isn't the Government producing reports like Net Zero in New Zealand?. Retrieved from

  • Barton, B. J. (2017). What to look for in the Draft Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy. Retrieved from

  • Barton, B. (2016). Different kinds of argument for applying property law to resource consents. Resource Management Journal, 2016(April), 1-4.

  • L'Etang, J., McKie, D., Snow, N., & Xifra, J. (2016). Introduction. In The Routledge Handbook of Critical Public Relations (pp. 3-15). Routledge. Retrieved from

  • Host communities as stakeholders sharing risks and benefits in major natural resources development: Emerging trends (2016). In National Stakeholders’ Summit on Legislative Framework for Petroleum Industry Reform in Nigeria (pp. 5 pages). Abuja, Nigeria.

  • Stephenson, J., Barton, B. J., Carrington, G., Hopkins, D., Lavelle, M. J., Lawson, R., . . . Wooliscroft, B. (2016). Energy Cultures policy briefs. Dunedin, New Zealand: University of Otago: Centre for Sustainability. Retrieved from

  • Barrera-Hernández, L., Barton, B. J., Godden, L., Lucas, A., & Rønne, A. (2016). Introduction. In Sharing the Costs and Benefits of Energy and Resource Activity (pp. 1-21). Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press.

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