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  • Weijers, D. M., & DiSilvestro, R. (2017). The morality of experience machines for palliative and end of life care. In Experience Machines: The Philosophy of Virtual Worlds (pp. 183-201). Rowman & Littlefield. Retrieved from

  • Weijers, D. M., & Jarden, A. (2017). The International Journal of Wellbeing: An open access success story. In R. Jhangiani, & R. Biswas-Diener (Eds.), Open: The Philosophy and Practices that are Revolutionizing Education and Science (pp. 181-194). London: Ubiquity Press. doi:10.5334/bbc

  • Weijers, D. (2017). Deconstructive replication: How to tell if a thought experiment-population pairing is fit for purpose. In AXΦII: 2nd Annual Australasian Experimental Philosophy Conference. Conference held at University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Weijers, D. (2017). [Keynote] What's good for you? The philosophy of well-being. In Well-Being Symposium, California State University Sacramento, CA.

  • Weijers, D. M., & Unger, P. (2017). Watch the James Dean and duration neglect hypotheses crash and burn: Lessons for experimentalists. In Empirical Philosophy Workshop. Conference held at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Michalos, A. C., & Weijers, D. M. (2017). Western historical traditions of well-being. In The Pursuit of Human Well-Being The Untold Global History (pp. 31-57). Springer. Retrieved from

  • Weijers, D. M., & Jarden, A. (2017). Wellbeing Policy. In M. Slade, L. Oades, & A. Jarden (Eds.), Wellbeing, Recovery and Mental Health (pp. 24-34). Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/9781316339275.005

  • Weijers, D. (2017). Does increasing national happiness require decreasing freedom or determining social values?. In Quality of Life Research Symposium: An Interdisciplinary Discussion, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Retrieved from

  • Weijers, D. M. (2017). Does the future matter more for wellbeing than the past? Experimental evidence and the importance of perspective. In CSUS Philosophy Club, California State University Sacramento, CA. Retrieved from

  • Weijers, D. M. (2016). I'm glad it's over with, but should I be? A puzzle about privileging future Hedonic States. In New Zealand Association of Philosophers Annual Conference (NZAP). Conference held at University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

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