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  • Drewery, W. J. (2015). Selves-in-relation: Embracing theory, developing just practice. In Resistance and Renewal: International Society for Theoretical Psychology.

  • Drewery, W. J. (2015). A social constructionist approach to restorative conferencing. In B. Hopkins (Ed.), Restorative Theory in Practice Insights into What Works and Why (pp. 152-164). London, United Kingdom: Jesica Kingsley Publishers.

  • Drewery, W., & Claiborne, L. B. (2014). Young adults. In Human Development: Family, place, culture (pp. 272-303). McGraw-Hill Education Pty Ltd.

  • Drewery, W. (2014). The role of Education in colonisation of Aotearoa New Zealand, and what could be done about it. In Partnership, Power and Education. Auckland University of Technology, Manukau Campus.

  • Drewery, W. (2014). Restorative Practice in New Zealand Schools: Social development through relational justice. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 48(2), 191-203. doi:10.1080/00131857.2014.989951

  • Claiborne, L. B., Mariskind, C., & Drewery, W. (2013). The lives of adults at mid-life. In Human Development: Family, place, culture (pp. 304-335). McGraw-Hill Education Pty Ltd.

  • Drewery, W., Claiborne, L. B., Peters, S., & Paki, V. (2013). Parenting and infancy. In Human Development: Family, place, culture (pp. 94-129). McGraw-Hill Education Pty Ltd.

  • Claiborne, L. B., Drewery, W., & Peters, S. (2013). The middle years of childhood. In Human Development: Family, place, culture (pp. 168-203). McGraw-Hill Education Pty Ltd.

  • Kecskemeti, M., Kaveney, K., Gray, S., & Drewery, W. (2013). A deconstructive approach to class meetings: Managing conflict and building learning communities. Narrative and Conflict: Explorations of Theory and Practice, 1(1), 31-52. Retrieved from

  • Drewery, W., Payne, M., & Claiborne, L. B. (2013). Adolescence. In Human Development: Family, place, culture (pp. 204-239). McGraw-Hill Education Pty Ltd.

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