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  • Edwards, F. C. E., & Edwards, R. J. (2017). A story of culture and teaching: the complexity of teacher identity formation. Curriculum Journal, 28(2), 190-211. doi:10.1080/09585176.2016.1232200

  • Edwards, F. (2017). A rubric to track the development of secondary pre-service and novice teachers’ summative assessment literacy. Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy and Practice, 24(2), 205-227. doi:10.1080/0969594X.2016.1245651

  • Tarosa, G., & Edwards, F. C. E. (2017). Exploring the process of educational change in English Medium Senior Secondary School Assessment in Vanuatu. In R. Toumu‘a, & M. A. ‘Otunuku (Eds.), Proceedings of the Vaka Pasifiki Education Conference 2016 (pp. 330-338). Tongatapu, Kingdom of Tonga: Institute of Education, The University of the South Pacific.

  • Lemon, K., & Edwards, F. (2017). “We wanted to see if you were the real deal”: Teaching as a cultural practice in a challenging environment. Teachers and Curriculum, 17(1), 39-44. doi:10.15663/tandc.v17i1.153

  • Tarosa, G., Edwards, F., & Branson, C. (2016). Organisational learning and development: A Vanuatu educational perspective.. Waikato Journal of Education, 21(1), 77-88. doi:10.15663/wje.v21i1.188

  • Tarosa, G., & Edwards, F. C. E. (2016). Exploring the process of educational change in English medium senior secondary school assessment in Vanuatu. In Vaka Pasifiki Education Conference 2016.

  • Edwards, F. C. E. (2016). Tracking the development of assessment literacy: preservice teachers’ trajectories. In Public Scholarship to Educate Diverse Democracies AERA 2016. Conference held at the American Educational Research Association, Washington DC, USA..

  • Edwards, F. C. E., & Krishnan, P. (2016). Thinkpiece: Making a case for nurturing Pasifika students through the Arts in New Zealand: Now would be a good time. Teachers and Curriculum, 16(1), 77-80.

  • Edwards, F. C. E. (2016). Tracing language use and policy in Cook Islands' schools: 1827-2003. South Pacific Studies, 36(2), 57-78.

  • Ferrier-Kerr, J., Clarkin-Phillips, J., Edwards, F., Earl, K., & Carr, M. (2015). Thriving in higher education: Developing academic identity through a writing community. In Faculty of Education Colloquium Series, University of Waikato.

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