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  • Cooper, B. C., Cowie, B., & Furness, J. (2016). Collaborative university school practicum partnership. In How Best to Educate a Nation’s Teachers? Debating Quality Teacher Education for Today and the Future (pp. 14). Conference held at the University of Otage College of Education, Dunedin, New Zealand: TEFANZ.

  • Cooper, B., Peter, M., Cowie, B., Furness, J., Bailey, J., Taylor, M., & Calder, N. (2015). Strengthening mathematical thinking and reasoning proficiency in primary teacher education: Leveraging the potential of a system innovation. In National Project Fund and Teaching & Learning Research Initiative Projects in Progress Colloquium V. Te Raukura – Te Wharewaka o Pàneke Function Centre, Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Bailey, J., Peter, M., Taylor, M., Cowie, B., Cooper, B. C., & Furness, J. (2015). Student-teacher perceptions of the role of mathematical and statistical thinking in teachers’ work. In NZARE Conference 2015: Emancipation Through Education. Conference held at Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi, Whakatāne, New Zealand.

  • Furness, J., Cowie, B., & Cooper, B. (2015). Scoping the meaning of 'critical' in mathematical thinking for Initial Teacher Education. In Emancipation through Education NZARE Conference and Annual Meeting 2015. Conference held at Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi, Whakatane, New Zealand.

  • Mitchell, L. M., & Furness, J. (2015). Importance of collaboration among parents, early years professionals and communities. Hamilton, New Zealand: Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research.

  • Furness, J., Nikora, L. W., Hodgetts, D., & Robertson, N. (2015). Beyond ethics to morality: Choices and relationships in bicultural research settings. Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, 26(1), 75-88. doi:10.1002/casp.2239

  • Cooper, B. C., Furness, J., & Cowie, B. (2015). Mathematical thinking in Initial teacher education: curriculum maps as boundary objects?. In NZARE Conference 2015: Emancipation through Education. Conference held at Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi, Whakatāne, New Zealand.

  • Furness, J. A., Robertson, N., Hunter, J., Hodgetts, D., & Nikora, L. W. (2014). What (actually) matters in literacy education: contributions from community psychology. Research Commons.

  • Furness, J. (2013). Principles and practices in four New Zealand family focused adult literacy programs: Towards wellbeing in diverse communities. Literacy and Numeracy Studies, 21(1), 33-57. doi:10.5130/lns.v21i1.3329

  • Furness, J. A. (2012). The contribution of family literacy programmes to the wellbeing of individuals, families and communities. (PhD Thesis). Retrieved from

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